IN 1968 note Lester starred as Oliver in the musical film of the same name. He’s now 56 and also has remained in the headlines for every the wrong reasons over the past couple of years.

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Back in 1968 note Lester uttered this famous line when he starred as Oliver in the musical movie by the same name.

He was eight year old once he showed up in the film and because the couldn’t sing, all of Oliver’s song were dubbed by the daughter the the film’s music arranger.

Lester showed up in several other movies over the adhering to years prior to he battered acting once he was just 19 years old.

He later ended up being an osteopath and opened his own clinic ... But let’s skip front to 2009 when things obtained a little bit weird.

Lester, who was nearby friends through Michael Jackson, called the of the people gendergeek.orgpaper the he thinks he might be the dad of the King of Pop’s daughter.

“In 1996 Michael asked me if i would offer him my sperm and I claimed yes,” claimed Lester.

“It was a gift to him, no money was paid, it was something ns was honoured gendergeek.orge do. That wanted youngsters so badly.

“I execute feel a identify bonding v Paris and also I think there’s a definite opportunity that she’s part of me.”

Last year a supposed Jackson household friend called the winter that Paris Jackson is keen to fulfill with Lester.

“Paris is deep interested in learning around her father’s friendship v Mark and also what happened,” the family members friend said.

“In no way would she ever see him together a replacement because that Michael but she’s curious. Mark has met the kids before but Paris never ever knew the significance of it until now.”

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