Nov. 25, 2009— -- success was sweet because that "Dancing through the Stars" season ripe winner Donny Osmond, especially since he out-polled sister and former contestant Marie Osmond.

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"I beat Marie!" Osmond exclaimed ~ above "gendergeek.orgod Morning America." "I am really proud of this. Ns am the oldest recipient the the Mirror round Trophy."

Osmond and fellow finalists Mya and also Kelly Osbourne showed up live on "GMA" today to talk around last night"s huge finale.

"We"re running on adrenaline," Osmond, 51, said. "We to be competitors but we"re ideal friends."

The winner joked the his three biggest memories indigenous his big win space the watch on professional partner Kym Johnson"s face, kissing his wife, and letting sisters Marie Osmond host the trophy. He said he plan to put the trophy "at the top of my house with a spotlight on it."

Marie likewise had a message for her brother. "We are all for this reason proud that you," she said. "You won! Let"s never ever talk around this again."

Osmond seemed stunned to be voted the "Dancing" king ~ above Tuesday night after wowing viewers and judges through his Partner Johnson took home the title because that the an initial time, after being the runner-up twice. She referred to as Osmond "the ultimate professional."

"He"s just gained the best attitude," she claimed on "GMA." "We had so much fun every season."

Singer Mya took 2nd place regardless of consistently winning top scores main after week and also top praise for she Tuesday night jive.

"We"re tired however wired," she claimed on "GMA." "I could do it everywhere again 10 times."

Osbourne was awarded third place after ~ dancing a graceful Viennese Waltz. She thanked America for repetitively voting for her week after ~ week and then ran end to her father, hefty metal symbol Ozzy Osbourne, because that a post-competition hug.

"It to be a shock come me to be also in the final," she said on "GMA." "To it is in in that last was just incredible. It was one of the ideal nights of mine life."

"I am not the same person that in the door 15 weeks," Osbourne added. "Everything in my life has alters for the better. I never thought it would occur through dancing."

Joanna Krupa, Aaron Carter Fall brief of "Dancing with the Stars" Finals

The finalists every performed 3 dances ~ above Monday night together they contended for the Mirror ball Trophy. Osbourne fell throughout her freestyle dance yet still impression the judges through her energy.

"You epitomize what this compete is about," judge Len gendergeek.orgodman said after she Argentine "I assumed you came out and danced best up there."

Bruno Tonioli referred to as her "the revelation the the season" and also Carrie Ann Inaba praised she "intimacy and intensity."

Mya and also Osmond every earned a perfect score because that one dance, and also at the end of the night came in an initial and 2nd based on their scores.

"I dub girlfriend the queen of the paso doble," Inaba called Mya.

"That to be truly one absolute display stopper," gendergeek.orgodman told Osmond after ~ his freestyle dance.

Swimsuit version Joanna Krupa made her departure from "Dancing through the Stars" simply one show brief of the final dance-off, despite solid scores indigenous the judges.

"Last night to be pretty tough," Krupa called "gendergeek.orgod Morning America" the work after her elimination. "I wasn"t too shocked to find out ns was leaving. I was completing against huge names. ... I was all set for it, yet I to be bummed, i won"t lie. I tried mine best."

Pop star Aaron Carter claimed he to be "a small shocked" to it is in voted off the display in mainly eight.

"I"m an extremely proud of myself," Carter said on "GMA." "It"s been a an excellent experience. I"ve learned so countless different points throughout the competition. ... Currently I can actually brag that I recognize all these different kinds of style of dance."

"Dancing through the Stars" Season 9 Results

In mainly seven, Dallas Cowboy great Michael Irvin and also "Iron Chef" hold Mark Dacascos were every sent residence in a second double elimination top top "Dancing through the Stars."

In the first double elimination, Melissa Joan Hart and professional snowboarder Louie Vito hung up their dancing shoes.

Hart said appearing on the display was a dream come true, and also that she young sons were also proud of her.

"They were loving it," she said.

Vito, who had actually never danced, said that his snowboarding experience aided him in the ballroom.

"The flips absolutely helped … various other than that i was lost out there half the time," he said. "It to be a whole new world for sure."

Swimmer Natalie Coughlin and also professional dance partner Alec Mazo were gendergeek.orgt rid of in week 5 after judges and also viewers gave them a trivial grade for their paso doble.

"I"m sad it"s over," Coughlin called "gendergeek.orgod Morning America." "I absolutely wasn"t a dancer coming right into this. I appreciated it for this reason much. It"s to be a wonderful experience."

Coughlin"s lose came throughout in one emotional episode of "DWTS," as the show"s 16 professional dancers gathered for a team dance together a tribute to the so late Michael Jackson, numerous of whom"s family members members were in attendance.

Chuck Liddell, Kathy Ireland, Debi Mazer, Macy Grey and also Ashley Hamilton were the an initial stars voted off the show, and former house majority leader Tom hold-up bowed the end after experiencing an injury.

"Dancing with the Stars" Season 9 Results

The nine season that "Dancing v the Stars" kicked turn off in September through a live three-night event.

The very first results display of the season featured a tribute to actor Patrick Swayze, who died Sept. 14 after a long fight with pancreatic cancer.

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Professional dancers performed to "Unchained Melody" indigenous Swayze"s film "Ghost," and "She"s choose the Wind" and also "The Time of my Life" native "Dirty Dancing."

This season boasted the biggest actors ever, with 16 celebrities vying because that the Mirrorball Trophy.