full disclosure: i don"t understand what the royal Academy is - in fact, until I read a question below today, i assumed the the "academy" Luke speak of was a Rebel Alliance cultivate academy. However, together I now know, that is called the imperial Academy, and is obviously affiliated with the Empire, and also Luke quite plainly says the he no the Empire.

Look, ns can"t get involved. I"ve gained work to do. It"s no that I favor the Empire; I hate it, but there"s nothing I can do about it best now... It"s every such a long method from here. -Star Wars, illustration IV: A new Hope

So why does he desire to sign up with something the hates?

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Moreover, he had actually friends walking there specifically to rebel later.
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First off, Luke is a dreamer. He desires adventure. He wants to gain out and also experience things.

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From The realm Strikes Back

Yoda: This one a lengthy time have I watched. All his life has actually he looked away, come the future, to the horizon. Never his psychic on where he was, hmm? What he to be doing. Hmm. Adventure. Heh. Excitement. Heh. A Jedi craves no these things.

Then there"s the truth that he"s simply plain lonely and also bored.

From A brand-new Hope:

Luke chuckled sardonically and assumed a mocking pose. “If yes a bright facility to this universe, she on the people farthest from it.”

Luke later explains Tatooine again.

From the novelization and original script of A new Hope (cut indigenous the last versions the the movie)

Believe me, Tatooine is a large hunk the nothing.”

The conversation continues a little bit later. His ideal friend Biggs has already left and also joined the Academy. He"s earlier visiting.

Luke looked away, embarrassed. “Things haven’t exactly been the same since you left, either, Biggs. It’s been so—” Luke pursued for the right word and also finally finished helplessly, “— for this reason quiet.” His rigid traveled across the sandy, deserted roads of Anchorhead. “It’s always been quiet, really.”

And it"s not choose Tatooine is exactly safe this days.

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Again, native the novelization:

Luke snorted derisively. “Not likely. I had actually to withdraw my application.” the looked away, can not to meet his friend’s disbelieving stare. “I had actually to. There’s to be a many unrest among the sandpeople because you left, Biggs. They’ve also raided the outskirts of Anchorhead.”

At this point, Luke feel trapped, perhaps a little abandoned. He desires to obtain out to carry out things prefer his friend Biggs.

Silence hung in the wait of the dining room after ~ Luke departed. Husband and also wife ate mechanically. At some point Aunt Beru stopped shoving her food around her plate, looked up, and pointed out earnestly, “Owen, friend can’t save him right here forever. Most of his friends space gone, the people he grew up with. The Academy means so lot to him.”