They were the first couple of television in every way. Lucille Ball and also Desi Arnaz introduced TV"s golden e with their CBS sitcom about the antics of a zany redhead and her Cuban musician husband that led a huge band in new York in the 1950s. Married in genuine life and also in reel life, Ball and also Arnaz graced the consists of magazines and formed a multi-million-dollar organization partnership through the development of Desilu Productions (via, which offered them control over their very own show.

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But life turn off the collection for this pair was not what you observed on screen. Lucy and Ricky Ricardo had actually their troubles as Lucy tried to do anything to get in Ricky"s show, enlisting her landlady and best friend, Ethel, in every one of her schemes. Behind the scenes, Ball and also Arnaz had a volatile marital relationship that finished soon ~ all-new illustration "I Love Lucy" left the airwaves.

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The year to be 1940 and also RKO studio gibbs Lucille Ball showed up in the film "Too many Girls," starring Cuban bandleader Desi Arnaz. Through the end of the year, the pair eloped and also formed a partnership the would lug them two kids and global fame. However, there were troubles from the start and within four years, round filed for divorce as result of her husband"s affairs and consistent drinking. 

However, they soon reconciled and realized his travel schedule and also her movie schedule wouldn"t enable the marriage to work-related so they decided that they"d just need to work together. That"s as soon as the concept of "I Love Lucy" was born, although that didn"t do it to air until 1951, the exact same year daughter Lucie Arnaz was born (via Biography).

By the moment Desi Arnaz Jr. Was born, his parents were bona fide tv stars and his mother"s pregnancy played out on screen. Every little thing timed perfectly as soon as Ball gave birth to her boy on January 19, 1953, the exact same night a pre-taped episode aired in which Lucy Ricardo gave birth to tiny Ricky. It all seemed favor a Hollywood fairy tale, but Ball and Arnaz"s marriage was something but.


"I Love Lucy" may have actually been the vehicle to hold Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz"s marriage together when all looked hopeless, and also their daughter, Lucie Arnaz, later admitted she parents" television present was every they count on. "All their hopes, plans and also dreams for a happy future were wrapped up in the TV sitcom," Arnaz composed in her memoir, aptly title "I Love Lucy" (via People).

Even those connected with the show"s manufacturing knew there was trouble between the 2 stars despite their initiatives not to present the tension. "There to be never any knock-down-drag-out fights roughly the set. Desi was from an upper-crust sort of society in Cuba," Bob Weiskopf, a writer because that the show, told world in 1991. "He was also well-mannered. He"d it is in the last person in the human being to traction out the dirty linen in front of anybody."

Charles Pomerantz, Ball"s publicist, told the newspaper that sphere was also an extremely aware of her husband"s affairs. "The newspaper Confidential come out with a story saying Desi to be a womanizer. I provided an breakthrough copy come Desi, and also Lucy said, "I desire to read this story."" Pomerantz said. "It was during a rehearsal day, and also she entered her dressing room. Everybody to be frozen top top the set. She ultimately came out, tossed the newspaper to Desi and said, "Oh, hell, I might tell lock worse than that.""

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In 1960, Lucille round filed because that divorce indigenous Desi Arnaz when again. Daughter Lucie Arnaz spoke of her parents" marriage and also their messy divorce to Closer Weekly in 2018. "They were fighting every the time as soon as we were cultivation up. There was a many anger and also screaming," she called the outlet. "Their divorce was horrible. And then there was the alcoholism. Ns had desired those things had actually never been there. Us didn"t have any kind of abuse, however we did go through some pretty hard stuff and that"s why my parental didn"t continue to be together."

Despite your divorce, the pair continued to be friends until their deaths but additionally remarried. Ball wed Gary Morton the year she to buy Desilu, and also Arnaz married Edith Hirsch in 1963, follow to Biography. Ball was by Arnaz"s side in 1986 as soon as he was experiencing from terminal lung cancer and Lucie told the story of their last call conversation to Coyne Steven Sanders and also Tom Gilbert because that their publication "Desilu: The Story the Lucille Ball and also Desi Arnaz".

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"I placed the phone as much as Dad"s ear in the bed," Lucie said. "I said, "It"s the redhead." He simply listened and also I heard what the said. She just said the very same thing over and also over again ... It to be "I love you. I love you. Desi, i love you." You can even hear the intonations that the voice change, just how she supposed each one" (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet).