When it comes to investigations the the paranormal kind, no 2 ghost hunters loom bigger than Ed and Lorraine Warren. Over the course of 50 years, Ed, a demonologist, and Lorraine, a trance medium, looked into thousands of cases roughly the globe, and claimed to have actually encountered phenomena so scary the their exploits were frequently turned right into films, consisting of The Amityville Horror, The Conjuring movies, and also The Haunting In Connecticut. But also if you"re familiar with your most renowned cases, there"s probably still a lot friend don"t know about the Warrens.

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1. Ed Warren grew up in a haunted house.

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When Ed to be 5, he claimed he saw an apparition: a period of light that prospered until it came to be his family"s landlady, that had died the year before. In The Demonologist: The Extraordinary career of Ed and Lorraine Warren, Ed recalled the she to be "semi-transparent, wearing what looked choose some type of shroud ... Then she vanished." soon after, Ed to be having desires of dead family members he’d never met, including an aunt who would send that messages around his future, informing him that he would aid many priests however never become a priest himself. "I"m no a monk today, however I execute work closely with them," he stated in The Demonologist.

2. Lorraine Warren uncovered her abilities when she was a child.

Like Ed, Lorraine began having unusual experiences when she to be young, too—but she simply assumed everyone had actually those same abilities. The all readjusted when she to be 12. Together she recalled in The Demonologist, it was Arbor day at she all-girls" personal school, and her classmates had just planted a sapling. "Just as shortly as they placed the sapling in the ground, I witnessed it together a fully grown tree ... Filled v leaves blowing in the wind," she said. Once a nun asked her why she to be staring at the sky, Lorraine responded, "I said her ns was simply looking up into the tree ... "Are you see the future?" she request me, simply as sternly. "Yes," i admitted, "I guess ns am.""

3. Ed and also Lorraine Warren began dating together teenagers.

Ed and also Lorraine both resided in Connecticut and also met in 1944, once they were both simply 16 years old—Ed worked as an water level at a movie theater that Lorraine and her mother frequented. They started dating, and also soon after, Ed went off to fight world War II.

4. Ed and also Lorraine Warren acquired married in 1945, many thanks to a sunken ship.

In 1945, when Ed to be 17 years old, the enlisted in the Navy. He had actually only been deployed because that a full of four months once he was sent back home ~ above a 30-day "Survivor"s Leave" ~ his ship went down in the north Atlantic Sea. The was during that brief break the Ed and Lorraine got married, then he went back to war. The pair later had a daughter called Judy.

5. The Warrens believed they"d do their livings together artists.

The Conjuring (2013).Warner Bros.

After the war, the Warrens had to number out exactly how to do a living. "Each of united state had skills as landscape artists, and also we each harbored a desire come paint," Lorraine said. Ed had actually taken art classes, so, she said, "we began our marriage under the presumption that us were walking to be artists."

Rather than paint landscapes, the Warrens decided on a more unusual subject on which to focus: haunted houses, which Ed discovered in the newspaper. They"d walk to the houses, map out them, then knock ~ above the door and "offer because that information around the haunting," Lorraine said. If the story was compelling enough, they"d actually repaint the house and also sell that artwork later. Castle spent around five years going around the joined States, painting and investigating haunted houses.

6. Lorraine Warren was initially a skeptic.

Despite her early on experiences through clairvoyance, Lorraine didn’t believe in ghosts until later on in life, after she and also Ed started visiting and also painting haunted houses. "In the beginning, ns was much more than a bit wary the the human being with whom us spoke," she stated in The Demonologist. "I assumed they were kind of enduring from overactive imaginations or were just making points up to obtain attention." however when she noticed the similarities in between the experiences—including from civilization who had actually never met, and who were from opposite sides of the country—she ended up being a believer.

7. Ed and Lorraine Warren founded the new England culture for Psychic research in 1952.

The Warrens established the new England culture for Psychic research study to document their cases, and they likewise created The Occult Museum—a space in your Monroe, Connecticut, home, i m sorry adjoined Ed"s office—to house haunted objects and the files and tapes from their investigations. Today, the NESPR is run by the Warrens"s daughter Judy and also son-in-law, Tony Spera, and also its website keeps a log of some of the cases the Warrens investigated, consisting of that of supposed werewolf and the notorious possessed doll, Annabelle.

8. Lorraine Warren had her abilities tested.

Lorraine WarrenJason Kempin, Getty Images

As the Warrens started taking ~ above bigger and bigger cases, skepticism about the couple grew. Come quiet critics, Lorraine agreed come be tested by Dr. Thelma Moss, one actress-turned-psychologist and parapsychologist (a researcher through an interest in the occult) functioning in a UCLA lab examining things like Kirlian photography. She found that Lorraine"s clairvoyance to be “far over average,” follow to The Demonologist.

9. Ed and also Lorraine Warren never ever charged money for your investigations.

Instead, they made a life from giving lectures at colleges, and also by licensing the legal rights to their story for film, TV, and also book projects.

10. Ed and also Lorraine Warren saw their key roles as educators.

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The Warrens started giving lectures because, follow to The Demonologist, there to be a farming interest in the occult in the so late 1960s, and also many the the people they saw impacted by dark phenomena to be college students. They hoped that, v their lectures, they might discourage civilization from exploring the occult in the very first place.

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