Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo filed because that divorce from her husband the 28 years, Larry Caputo, in April 2018. Together Radar Online reported, Theresa rental a "high-powered brand-new York attorney" to stand for her prior to Larry also hired a lawyer.

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The couple had previously break-up in December 2017, v Theresa speak in a statement (via Radar Online), "After 28 year of marriage, us have decided to legally separate. We will constantly love each other and our 2 wonderful children." She noted, "We room united in supporting each other and our family. You re welcome respect ours privacy throughout this time."

Larry echoed that they tho love every other, telling Radar Online in his very own statement, "There is no animosity. Us still have actually a problem for every other. We"re quiet going to be in every other"s lives." he continued, "I don"t have a negative thing to say about Theresa. This is the way things operated out. There"s no require for bitterness or animosity."

The pair, that were together for a full of 32 years and were when a beloved staple of TLC"s reality TV roster, just couldn"t do their marital relationship work anymore. What happened?

Larry believes that the success that Long Island Medium eventually led come the fail of his marital relationship to Theresa.

Larry said Radar Online that he had "no idea" what fame would certainly entail when Theresa landed her reality television resolve TLC, lamenting the the experience was "exciting and also fun in the beginning, but then ~ the longevity friend become an ext exposed, it effects your exclusive life." What"s more, that made it clear that the display was important a reality present — no a scripted series. And, follow to him, that aspect actually made functioning on their marriage more daunting than the would have actually been otherwise.

"When you"re in the public eye, the does put a strain on your personal life," he said. "That can be difficult for the average human being who is no a trained actor, due to the fact that a trained actor to know what they"re obtaining themselves into. A reality human doesn"t establish what they"re obtaining themselves into until they"re in it, and it"s a learning process."

Despite Larry"s concerns with fame"s affect on his marriage, he supposedly wanted to iron out his issues with Theresa prior to they ultimately threw in the towel.

Larry"s father, Jack Caputo, said Radar Online that Larry was "probably an ext upset" 보다 Theresa was about the separation and divorce, and also said that he himself had actually only found out about the split from city hall TV.

"I speak to the after , and he was upset but he didn"t want to say also much," Jack said. "I know she claimed they were splitting, however my kid was saying, "Dad, we room working that out," therefore I"m praying lock get back together." the added, "My boy really loves her."

One the Theresa"s neighbors also told the site that, ~ above the work the split was announced, she witnessed Theresa giving communion in ~ church and also that she appeared to it is in in a good mood, noting, "She seemed perfectly fine."

In the situation of the Caputos, street didn"t do the heart thrive fonder. Larry and Theresa lived on the contrary coasts, which most likely made any kind of chance of a reconciliation slim to none.

"Right now, Larry is in L.A. And I"m in new York," Theresa said Extra in April 2018, including that life on her own was "an adjustment" yet that she was "doing okay."

Larry explained to Radar Online that his life in California was lot quieter 보다 his life through Theresa to be in lengthy Island. "It just provided me time to reflect back on things. It made me realize a many things that ns didn"t notification before due to the fact that of the service in our stays — even if it is it was because of the show or marital life — girlfriend take points for granted, friend oversee things," he said. Noting the he"d "come to peace," that continued, "I don"t have the stresses and the points exposed come me the were upsetting come me room not there any kind of longer."

Larry likewise told Radar Online that Theresa"s schedule was a tiny too hectic for them during their marriage, making it so castle hardly witnessed one another. "What Theresa go is really demanding, and it was consuming many of her time," that said, "which takes far from personal time."

Larry"s father, however, didn"t understand the strain the distance caused their marriage, informing Radar Online, "They can be away from each other, and also then top top the work they"re not away, they have the right to be together. What"s the problem?"

Along with physical distance came emotional street for the Caputos.

On an episode of Long Island Medium (via E! News), Theresa explained, "We"ve been there because that each other, girlfriend know, with thick and also thin, friend know, great times, and right currently are not such good times. I don"t know it." Sharing the she"d place awake at night wondering just how they"d let their relationship come to be so strained, she said, "I sometimes interpret it as farming apart. I"ve readjusted and he has actually changed. We"re both not happy and, friend know, it"s hard to try to work-related through that."

In one more episode of your show, Larry is seen telling a friend, "We"re having actually a difficult time" (via Radar Online). He explained, "I think a lot of the frustration has to do through us no spending the time together anymore. In addition to that come the absence of interaction so it"s like losing your ideal friend. It"s hard."

Theresa Caputo may have had somewhat that a premonition around her marital relationship ending.

During a 2013 episode of Long Island Medium, together reported by Radar Online, Theresa lashed the end at husband Larry after she had actually a dream the he was cheating on her with an additional woman, informing him once he arrived home that he remained in "big trouble." Larry, however, didn"t take her pertains to too seriously, smirking and also telling her the he, too, had a dream the night before that a mrs was hitting ~ above him. Yet he additionally vehemently denied any kind of actual involvement with other women, telling Theresa that she was every he could think about.

Still, Theresa conduct to give Larry an ultimatum to save their union: lock either had actually to walk to couple"s treatment or take dance class together. The opted for the dance lessons, i beg your pardon may have been a poor choice in hindsight, considering their later on split.

Theresa revealed in she book Good Grief: Heal her Soul, Honor your Loved Ones, and Learn come Live Again that she suffered from stress and anxiety for 25 years.

"I personally recognize a lot about fear and also how it have the right to roll right into full-blown panic and also inertia, because it dominated a good chunk of mine life for 25 years," she wrote (via Radar Online). "During this time, I endured from what therapists contact "anticipatory anxiety" — in various other words, thinking about future events made me feel anxious and also interfered through my ability to function."

She explained that her crippling stress made her never ever want to leave the home or go out through her friends, and that she had a hard time even identifying triggers for her stress and anxiety — which, in a bitterness cycle — do her also more anxious.

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She asserted that she realized her panic strikes were a result of not expertise that she could speak through the dead, saying, "I concerned learn that my overwhelming tension was occurring because i was skipping spirit energy that to be trying to interact with me, though ns didn"t know it at the time."

That, in turn, placed a heavy burden ~ above Larry, who told Radar Online, "I to be her support system. Ns was her backbone." Noting that Theresa had depended on him, the admitted, "She"s get an impressive ... And also her dependency on me came to be less because she to be able to overcome a most the issues and also fears the she had."

At the time of this writing, Larry Caputo is dating again, see a pretty woman who TMZ established in July 2018 together Connie Stauddy, a 53-year-old resident of Decatur, Ala. But here"s wherein it gets sketchy: TMZ reports that Stauddy in reality met Larry online once she got to out in really hopes of obtaining a analysis from the lengthy Island tool herself, Theresa Caputo ... And also that they"d kept in touch since. Stauddy, a proud grandmother who bears a striking same to Steve Mnuchin"s wife Louise Linton, is supposedly going with a divorce of her own. Her partnership with Larry is stated to it is in "very new," though they to be spotted looking in ~ furniture together, so it might well be obtaining serious fast.

Larry alluded come the romance to Radar Online in June 2018, informing the site, "I just want to be in a an excellent relationship v the human being I"m with now. I simply want to reap the latter component of mine life — traveling, doing things. What else can anybody ask for?"