LeBron James the end indefinitely for Los Angeles Lakers after enduring a high fish eye sprain in residence loss

LOS ANGELES -- LeBron James has a high fish eye sprain and also is the end indefinitely, the Los Angeles Lakers announced Saturday.

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James exited the Lakers" 99-94 loss to the Atlanta hawks in the very first half after Solomon Hill collided with his best ankle. James knocked end a chair in frustration on his way to the locker room, and also received X-rays and also an MRI top top the ankle after the game, resources told gendergeek.org.

Hill was called for a foul through 10:50 continuing to be in the 2nd quarter once the Hawks" forward dropped on James" right ankle when trying come steal the ball.

James immediately shouted in pain and also rolled off the court, clutching his ideal leg. The Lakers dubbed timeout to inspect on the 18-year veteran, with several teammates, coaches and members that the clinical staff trekking across the court come surround James if he to be on the floor.

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"I haven"t necessarily seen him scream and scowl like that most likely ever," teammate Kyle Kuzma said.

Several that James" teammates took exception with Hill"s authorized in the play.

"A guy dove because that a loosened ball, take it his leg the end from increase under him," Montrezl Harrell said. "I really don"t feel prefer it was one of those loose-ball plays. He had actually to go with his foot to gain the ball, man. He was turned sideways. The sphere was behind him. I mean, you"re jumping at an angle, going across this way, i mean, ns don"t know how you feeling that"s a loosened ball."

Dennis Schroder concurred.

"That"s an unnecessary play to dive in the leg prefer that," he said.

After the game, Hill tweeted a keep in mind to critics, who can have believed the move was intentional.

would never disrespect the game and take a player out purposely... He knows that. That"s all the matters to me. Praying for a speedy recovery. #riptothementionstho #moredmsthansaweetie

— solomon hill (
solohill) march 20, 2021

James, 36, had the ability to stand top top his own and also limped earlier to the bench whereby he laced his sneakers and also stayed in the game after the timeout.

On the Lakers" first possession the end of the timeout, James fight a 3 indigenous the corner, lifting his stat heat to 10 points on 3-for-6 shooting, maintaining his streak intact of 1,036 straight games -- consisting of Saturday -- scoring 10 points or more.

The Lakers called an additional timeout shortly thereafter and also James seen of the game for great with 10:04 continuing to be in the second quarter, with his team trailing 34-30.

Shortly after, the Lakers do the announcement he would certainly not return.

Lakers vice president of basketball operations and also general manager rob Pelinka and Anthony Davis were amongst the group of Lakers staffers to accompany James to the locker room.

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"I won"t disclose what any type of mood of LeBron was like internally," Lakers coach candid Vogel said. "It"s in-house."

Kuzma said that the team did not check out James after the game and the four-time champion did not speak come reporters. He did, however, write an optimistic article on Twitter.

Nothing angers and also saddens me an ext than not being easily accessible to and also for my teammates! I"m ache inside and also out right now.