On Saturday night, Leah Remini won her very first Emmy for her TV series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

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On Saturday night, Leah Remini winner her first Emmy for she A&E series Leah Remini: Scientology and also the Aftermath.

Remini, 47, teared up as she welcomed her award in ~ the an imaginative Arts Emmy Awards in ~ the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles.

Wearing a innovative floral-print dress through a pussy bow by the neck, Remini committed the compensation to the “brave contributors that in spite of ongoing risk and also repercussions.”

Remini’s A&E series documents the experiences of previous Scientology members, including her own.

“I’m therefore happy to share this,” Remini continued. “It’s not an easy job yet they to be the ones putting their story out over there for everyone to hear.”

She also thanked she mother and jokingly added, “you space officially forgiven for acquiring us into a cult.”

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Back in the push room, Remini called reporters about how moving the suffer of winning was — and also how the award doesn’t really belong to her.

“Well, it’s — as an actress, you constantly want to obtain an Emmy nomination or success an Emmy and as you acquire a little older you establish what’s really important and also you space exposed to stories prefer this,” Remini said. “It becomes much more about law the best thing and also so that doesn’t belong to me. It belongs come our heroes and so it’s for this reason much an ext fulfilling.”

“I’ve always wanted to success this but it way so much more knowing the it in reality does belong to our contributors who room the brave ones who room telling united state and all of us your stories,” she added.

Remini formerly told human being the procedure of adjusting to a life external Scientology “doesn’t take place overnight” since “it’s a discovering process; it’s transforming the means you think.

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Asked how she was planning ~ above balancing her A&E collection with her new role ~ above CBS comedy Kevin can Wait, Remini said reporters, “Well, we’ve been doing it. I’ve already started on Kevin deserve to Wait and it’s absolutely a balancing act.”



Season 2 the Remini’s Scientology premiered ~ above A&E august 15, and Kevin deserve to Wait will premiere September 25.

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