Scientology gets a the majority of press many thanks to high-profile members favor Tom Cruise and also John Travolta. Another reason Scientology has been hitting the headlines, though, is because one the its former members, King the Queens star Leah Remini, determined to speak out around her an unfavorable experiences top top leaving the group. ~ publicly cutting ties with Scientology in 2013, Remini gave multiple interviews top top the topic, created a memoir, Troublemaker: enduring Hollywood and also Scientology, and also worked on her Emmy-winning A&E series, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. Once the collection wrapped after 3 seasons, Remini started a podcast with a other former Scientologist, Mike Rinder, called Scientology: same Game

Remini"s decision come speak out against Scientology is indeed tied come the points she experienced as a member, and also the influence it had actually on the remainder of she life. The Second Act star to be a Scientologist for an ext than 30 years, together were many of her household members. Her leave from the team was anything yet easy, though. A source told Page Six, " was placed through interrogations and also blacklisted within the church the she donated millions to and also that her family members has spent their lives in. She was placed through "thought modification" for five years." In the end, Remini do the daunting decision to break through the church, and tell her very own side that the story. Read on to uncover out why Leah Remini was never the exact same after leave Scientology.

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Leah Remini"s trouble with Scientology started in 2006 once she to visit Tom Cruise"s wedding come Katie Holmes. As detailed during she 2013 interview through 20/20, Remini revealed the she acquired into problem at the wedding for questioning David Miscavige, Scientology"s leader, why his wife, Shelly, wasn"t at the event. Remini"s concern, however, obtained her into a the majority of trouble. Every ABC News, "Remini claimed she learned that plenty of Scientologists had filed reports on she for being loud, late and rude, upgrading she hotel room and switching seats at the reception. ... They to be claiming that she had actually "basically ruined the wedding."" The unfair complaints appeared to be payback for her asking questions.

Remini revealed in she book, Troublemaker (via Entertainment Tonight), that she sent expensive presents to Holmes in an effort to atone for the drama, in ~ the time, Holmes was less than responsive, but in 2015, she approve a it will be cold statement i m sorry said, "I regret having actually upset Leah in the past and wish her just the finest in the future." when it appears there"s no longer any kind of bad blood between ex-Scientologists Holmes and Remini, the King of Queens actress is still being shunned by current celebrity members of the church. For example, Remini told The Hollywood Reporter, "Elisabeth Moss believes that she can"t talk to me," ~ the star the The Handmaid"s Tale supposedly left the room at The Television movie critics Awards after ~ Remini winner an award.

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Perhaps among the most heartbreaking things to come the end of Leah Remini"s break-up from Scientology was she father George Anthony Remini"s decision come speak out versus his daughter in assistance of Scientology. Also though George wasn"t a Scientologist, that filmed interviews for the Church the Scientology International in 2017 in an evident attempt to discredit Leah. Tragically, the actress never acquired the chance to repair her partnership with her father, and didn"t discover out around his passing till after it had actually happened.

Revealing she dad"s death on Instagram in September 2019, Leah wrote, "I"m angry that the critical chapter in our partnership was dictated by Scientology. Scientology take it my dad in together a pawn versus me and also likely plunder him of any kind of last oz of heart that can have been left in him." Remini added, "I"m angry that Scientology uncovered his an individual weak spots and also got him on board not with their beliefs but v their smear campaign versus me."

Even though the sitcom star never had the finest relationship v her father, Scientology"s alleged interference in your relationship had actually a damaging effect on the actress. Remini created on Instagram, "If you check out my book, you"ll know my father and I had actually a complicated relationship, yet I constantly forgave him through a daughter"s painfully unlimited love and hope. Nevertheless of his neglect and also abuse, I had hoped to one day have some closure."

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Even ~ leaving Scientology, and it"s for sure to say that Leah Remini"s life will never be the same, or even normal. From her enlightening docu-series and eye-opening memoir come her new podcast v Mike Rinder (pictured above), it"s clear Remini is figured out to share the truth around the group. According to Page Six, "It all began when Leah wondered about the validity the excommunication of people ... She is stepping back from a regime she think is corrupt. She think no religion must tear personal a family or abuse who under the umbrella that "religion.""

While the actress" job-related on Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath take it viewers behind the scenes of the notorious religion, that did little to aid her own healing. "I don"t know that it"s aided my recovery," she told The Hollywood Reporter in 2019. "Most people, as soon as they get out of an abusive relationship, hopefully start doing the work-related to heal. I simply haven"t to be able to do that. It"s opened up up a can of worms for me." nevertheless of the trauma Remini is still healing from, her passion for justice has helped plenty of people approximately the world. "We"re walking down an additional avenue that we feel will lug real righteousness to victim of Scientology but likewise prevent the from happening in the future — an especially with children," Remini said. Offered that Remini was first introduced right into the team as a child, we can"t think the a far better way for her to move forward.