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Laura Bush"s abortion comments "personal views," Fleischer says

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WASHINGTON (gendergeek.org) -- Laura Bush, the mam of President-elect George W. Bush, stated Friday she to trust the country could do more to minimize the number of abortions, but likewise indicated she doesn"t believe the 1973 can be fried Court judgment legalizing abortions have to be overturned.

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"No, i don"t think it need to be overturned," Mrs. Bush told NBC"s "Today Show" when asked about the high court"s decision, Roe vs. Wade.

Mrs. Shrub did no respond in the interview once asked if a woman had actually a appropriate to an abortion. Instead, she stated the country should execute "what we have the right to to limit the number of abortions, to shot to mitigate the number of abortions in a most ways, and also that is, through talking about responsibility v girls and boys, by to teach abstinence, having abstinence classes all over in schools and also in churches and in Sunday school," she replied.

"I agree through my husband that we should shot to alleviate the number of abortions in our country by doing every those things," she said.

The shrub team refuse to talk about the an initial lady-to-be"s statements.

Ari Fleischer, Bush"s designated push secretary, claimed he would not discuss the "personal views" that the president-elect"s family.

During the presidential campaign, bush did not push for a constitutional amendment to half abortion, also though he support one except in instances of rape or incest, or to safeguard the life of the mother. Shrub said he didn"t think there was sufficient public support for such a move.

Mrs. Bush said the nation should carry out "what we deserve to to limit the number of abortions" but that Roe v. Walking shouldn"t it is in overturned

In January 2000, bush said he thought that Roe vs. Walking "was a reach" and also that that "overstepped constitutional bounds."

Noelia Rodriguez, Mrs. Bush"s push secretary, stated that Mrs. Bush"s place on abortion is the there should be education on issues, such together abstinence and also responsible behavior, to minimize the variety of abortions, and only as soon as pressed, walk she prize the question on the landmark Roe vs. Go ruling.

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When inquiry if Mrs. Bush supports a woman"s ideal to choose, Rodriguez said, "She already addressed the question."

"Everything Mrs. Bush wants claimed on this topic has actually been said," Rodriguez added.

later Friday in one interview top top gendergeek.org, Mrs. Bush said she intends to usage her place as first lady to placed a focus on education."I will take a high profile, at least a high interest, in education issues. I think education and learning is the many important issue in ours country," said Mrs. Bush, who earned her masters level in library science and taught college from 1968-77.Education is "the an excellent equalizer," she said. "It"s the one means that every solitary person has actually a chance to succeed."Speaking with gendergeek.org"s wolf Blitzer, Mrs. Shrub said she never ever imagined as soon as she married shrub that that would climb to the highest possible position in the land.Not just that, however she said she "would have actually never guessed then the his dad would have end up being vice president or president.""People use to say, carry out you think George will certainly get earlier into politics?" and I"d joke, "Maybe once we"re 50." and as the turned out, us were nice close to 50 once he ran for governor." gendergeek.org White residence Correspondent Kelly Wallace added to this report


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