The Clark County, Nevada coroner claimed Thursday that Stephen Paddock, who killed 58 world in the most dangerous shooting in modern U.S. History, died from a gunshot wound to the head. Every 58 victims died from gunshot wounds, the coroner said.

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The findings disclose that no one of the victims eliminated at an out concert Oct. 1 passed away of injuries got trying come escape the festival grounds. Clark ar Coroner john Fudenberg called The associated Press the all the deaths were determined to be homicides.

Fudenberg claimed Thursday that the 64-year-old shooter died of a self-inflicted gunshot to the mouth. The was, Stephen Paddock"s only wound, and his fatality was ruled a suicide.

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According come the timeline noted by Clark county Sheriff Joe Lombardo, Paddock opened fire ~ above the group at the music festival at 10:05 p.m. It appeared that he shot a protection guard, Jesus Campos, about 40 seconds before he fired into the crowd.

Campos provided his radio to call for help, the explain said. A maintain worker, Stephen Schuck, has actually said he additionally called for assist on his radio, asking a dispatcher to call the police because someone to be shooting a rifle on the 32nd floor.

Officers arrived on the 32nd floor in ~ 10:17 p.m., two minutes ~ Paddock quit firing. The police officers who stormed Paddock"s hotel room ~ above the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay defined the scene to "60 Minutes."

Paddock had actually screwed close up door the door in the stairwell going the end to the hallway ideal by his door "with a piece of metal and also some screws," claimed Officer Joshua Bitsko.

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""Cause he knew we"d be coming out that door to acquire entry into his door. For this reason he tried to barricade it as ideal he could. However thankfully Levi had-- a pry bar and was may be to quickly pop the door," said Officer Dave Newton.

Bitsko explained the scene in the hallway together a "deadly video game of hide and seek due to the fact that when you"re the one hiding you always know a person"s searching for you."

Around 11 p.m. The team started to execute a plan. They had actually heard no gunfire due to the fact that reaching the hallway, and had no idea what or who was behind the door.

When they gone into the room, officers said castle saw shell casings almost everywhere the floor and also they to be "trippin" over long weapons inside."

"My initial scan, coming in the room v my rifle is just seein" I"m see one male down, bleeding indigenous the face," said Officer Matthew Donaldson. "He was not a threat. Kept going, retained going, retained going." The male down to be Paddock.

Authorities say an ext than 500 people were injured once Paddock unleashed gunfire from an upper floor of a high-rise hotel top top a country music festival below.

Fudenberg said he waited to relax autopsy findings until all the households had the information.

Las las vegas Shooting

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very first published on December 21, 2017 / 9:09 pm

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