There are countless reasons regarding why pan love Theresa Caputo from TLC’s Long Island Medium. Not just does she change lives through her shocking ability to contact the dead, yet she likewise has a large and bolder personality the can’t it is in missed. From her huge hair to her lengthy nails to her heavy accent, fans would certainly love to watch Theresa and also her family members go about their day-to-day lives whether she had actually her remarkable gift or not.

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Unfortunately, fans to be rocked at the end of 2017 once it was announced that Theresa and her husband, Larry, would certainly be separating. Here’s why they determined to divorce and whether they’re on great terms now.

Theresa and also Larry to be married for over 28 years once they decided to separate


Theresa and Larry Caputo From long Island medium | Theresa Caputo via Instagram

The Long Island Medium stars were married for practically three years when lock finally decided to contact it quits — and we can’t forget about their love story. Bustle describes in Theresa’s book, There’s much more to Life than This, her aunt had a psychic over that told Theresa she was going to accomplish a very special male who to be older 보다 her. The man was walk to have a beard and also a mustache, too. Theresa noted she was dating someone in ~ the time and didn’t think lot of it, however she ultimately met Larry while functioning at his family’s oil company component time. Though he to be 11 year older 보다 her, they dropped in love and were married simply two years later.

The remainder was history after that. Theresa and Larry have two youngsters together and also have shared adorable moments with their pan while top top TV. Unfortunately, their love story pertained to an finish in December 2017.

Larry stated they didn’t obtain to invest time together anymore

Their marriage may have seemed absent solid, yet fans did an alert tension between the two in much more recent illustration of the show. And Larry opened up come his friends on the show about why his marriage was ending, E! News notes.

In December 2017, right around the time the two were picking to separate, Larry said, “We’re having a challenging time. I think a lot of the frustration has to do with us no spending the time together anymore.” He likewise said it’s favor “losing your best friend,” and even despite he make the efforts to continue to be busy come stop concentrating on his crumbling marriage, that was always on his mind.

Theresa claimed the tension in the house was awful


Theresa and Larry Caputo indigenous “Long Island Medium” | Theresa Caputo via Instagram

Separating wasn’t just on Larry’s mind, either. ~ the 2 announced their separation, Theresa spoke candidly on Long Island Medium about their an option to relocate on through their lives. Great Housekeeping note she stated “the anxiety was so poor in the house, it’s something that occurred over time. The nothing that happened overnight.” She also mentioned that while some fans might blame her busy work-related schedule, choosing to finish a long marriage is never ever that simple. “This is something that has actually happened over the years, and it is sad, and it f***king sucks. It is it,” she added.

While the separation and also divorce verified extremely difficult for Theresa and Larry, Theresa provided that people adjust over time, also — and also you deserve to never know who you’re going to be five, 10, or 20 years from now. “ working and also finding ours place. We’ve been with each other for a very long time. And people change. Us all change,” she said. It’s certainly for the finest that they separation before any type of hard feeling or resentment built in between them, too.

Larry is currently moving on with someone new

Since the common split, it appears Larry is currently finding love again. World reports in June 2018, the told news outlets the he to be seeing an additional woman. In his words, “I have actually moved on. I’m fortunate enough to say the I have actually met someone special. Yet I’ll just leave the for that now.” the also included that he’s happy and also he to know Theresa is additionally doing well.

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As for if Larry and also Theresa speak anymore, we’re not sure — but we do know there are couple of hard feelings in between them. They released a share statement stating that they will constantly “love and also support every other” and also be the finest parents feasible to their kids.