"You know, there likewise is this strange rumor that you"re part man and component woman."

Published29 January 2010

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Lady Gaga, born in new York City in 1986 as Stefani jone Angelina Germanotta, skilled a fast-paced increase to the optimal of the music industry. Ago in 2008 couple of had heard that her, yet by 2009 she had come to be the very first artist to have 4 #1 Mainstream peak 40 airplay chart hits turn off a debut album and also in 2010 garnered two Grammy awards: best Dance recording (“Pokerface”), finest Electronic/Dance Album (“The Fame”), plus had been nominated in three various other categories: record of the Year (“Pokerface”), tune of the Year (“Pokerface”), and Album of the Year (“The Fame”).

Her distinctive costuming and makeup, solid performance skills, and outrageous persona easily set her up together the target for rumor. In a reprise that the canard that has long dogged actress Jamie Lee Curtis, in 2009 whispers thrived in the online world that Lady Gaga to be an hermaphrodite, a person possessed the both male and also female sex organs.

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The tipping suggest appears to be a structure taken from live clip of Lady Gaga during a power in respectable 2009 in i beg your pardon she appeared wearing a red dress and leaning against a blue motorcycle. In that photo, reclined together she was versus the bike, she underthings can, and also have to be (at the very least by some), mistaken because that a vestigial penis.

Prior to speculation over the video, this rumor surfaced as part of a December 2008 blog entry on Starrtrash (“Lady Ga-Ga Admits True Sex”), purportedly created by the artist herself, in i m sorry the singer “confirmed the she undoubtedly is a hermaphrodite.” the tidbit was picked up and also reposted ~ above various internet sites stripped the the context that shown it to it is in satire — need to there be any kind of doubt regarding its veracity, even the briefest that glances at the other offerings on the website where the originally appeared reveals the the nature of the venue is to lampoon celebrities that the job via posts such together “Angelina Jolie Steals eastern Child” and also “Gwen Stefani leaves Mandarin 100 Pounds Fatter.”

In respectable 2009, Lady Gaga’s manager comment to rumors the the singer’s purported hermaphroditism through the brusque declare “This is totally ridiculous.” The following month, Lady Gaga claimed of the rumor top top Australia’s Fox FM radio terminal that “It’s too low-brow because that me to also discuss,” yet later reply gonzo radio jocks in that country who request “Where are we at right now with the tiny cock issue, Lady Gaga?” with “My little vagina is very offended. I’m not offended, my vagina is offended.”

By December of the year she was neither waving turn off nor parrying with humor such queries and was instead addressing lock directly. Veteran tv interviewer Barbara Walters, that picked Lady Gaga as one of her ten many fascinating human being of 2009, put the inquiry to her and received this response:

Barbara Walters: “You know, there likewise is this weird rumor that you’re component man and component woman. You’ve heard that rumor?

Lady Gaga: “Yes.”

Barbara Walters: “True?”

Lady Gaga: “No.”

Barbara Walters: “Do girlfriend mind the rumor?”

Lady Gaga: “No. No not really.

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At first it was an extremely strange and also everyone sorta said, ‘That’s really quite a story!’ however in a sense, ns portray myself in a very androgynous way, and I love androgyny.”

Barbara Walters: “So you, you choose to blur the line?”

Lady Gaga: “I like, um, I choose pushing boundaries.”

For those who don’t an intricate placing full faith in any type of one celebrity’s word, an especially where potentially breakable matters are concerned, we note that no one (of one of two people sex) who Lady Gaga has actually been intimate with has reported having actually come across any surprises that a penile nature. Given the all too often baseness of human being nature and the high degree of attention the tabloids would have actually in such an intelligence, Lady Gaga’s native plus the thunderous quiet of those she has befriended must serve to placed this canard to rest.