Lady Gaga is no stranger to pregnancy rumors, an especially during the time she was engaged to ex Christian Carino.

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The singer and actress does no have kids of she own, but she really hopes to be a mother someday.The A Star is Born actress has said she desires "tons the kids" and "a family life."

Sure, Stefani joanne Angelina Germanotta (a.k.a. Lady Gaga) is known as the mom Monster and also cradles her many Grammy Awards like newborns. But Lady Gaga"s newest job is not—repeat not—a baby, it"s a beauty beauty collection.

The award-winning singer and actress simply launched Haus Laboratories (available ~ above Amazon), and it is absolutely near and also dear to she heart. Yet Lady Gaga doesn"t have any type of children of her own—at least, not yet.

Of course, that never ever stops people from speculating: Lady Gaga"s been engaged twice—to Christian Carino and Taylor Kinney—and pregnant rumors circulated throughout each relationship. Still, she hasn"t had any babies with these men, or any type of of her other ex-boyfriends for that matter.

So, go Lady Gaga also want to have actually children?

The answer to this tough question is a resounding yes. The superstar has actually said in interviews the she does hope to have some, or a lot of of, little Gagas in the future.


"I yes, really hope that when I have actually maybe a little girl one day, or a small boy, and they check out Mommy put her makeup on, the they have the same experience that i did," she recently told Allure. "That"s the biggest gift that all, as soon as you can attach with her parents."

Lady Gaga has had actually babies on the mind for a while, too.

"I want to have tons the kids, actually. I think at the very least three," she called Sirius XM radio earlier in 2013. "I really want to have actually a family and also I really want to nurture my children..."

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She continued: "Having mine own youngsters will be like having three small monsters with me at every times." Still, Gaga included that her children "probably won"t it is in fans" and also that she desires to "live a family life," just like any kind of other parent. "I grew up v a very strong family. Ns love being mom Monster, too, that"s my first job best now," she concluded.

Having children is among her purposes for the brand-new decade.

In December 2019, the singer and actress, 33, sat down v Youtuber and makeup artist NikkiTutorials to talk about her beauty regime and an individual life. And also Gaga stated she wants babies to occur in the new decade.

"More music, no retiring any type of time soon... All kinds of various music," Gaga described in the 27-minute video. "I wanna do an ext movies, i wanna have actually babies, and I want to continue to construct the behemoth that is Haus Laboratories into the makeup agency of my dreams."

No doubt her project as mother Monster has actually helped her prepare because that having youngsters in the future. Plus, you know her lullabies would certainly be epic.

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