GETTING lip fillers is among the plenty of ways Kylie zener likes come pamper herself.

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Since starting her injections in 2015, Kylie’s lips have end up being a huge part of her identity. 


Why go Kylie Jenner acquire lip fillers?

According come Kylie, the reason she initially decided to gain lip injections was since of a comment a young made saying she then lips to be “thin”.

“I took the really hard. Just when a man you like says that—I don't know, it just really affected me. I just didn't feel preferable or pretty. I really wanted bigger lips. I finished up obtaining my lips done," Kylie said. 

Kylie then added that this kind of comment have the right to have enduring impacts when it pertains to self-esteem: "It just sticks v you."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Motykie said, “Kylie had naturally thin lips and also grew increase in the epicenter the beauty and plastic surgery, so a non-surgical lip augmentation most likely wasn't that big that a deal to her.” 

He adds: “Kylie produced the ‘Kylie jenner brand’ off of the fist her lips garnered. In ~ this point, her lips room her signature like Britney Spears' mid-drift was in the '90s. Ns can't imagine disliking your lips if they've made you a billionaire!”


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How lot do lip filler cost?

The expense for lip fillers varies depending upon the product and also injecting practitioner. 

According come Motykie, in West Hollywood or Beverly Hills, a patient have the right to expect come pay all over from $500 to $1000 because that a typical syringe that filler, which generally is one ample lot of product for full lip injections.

Motykie says there are choices to lip injections that produce a comparable look, such together a face fat transfer.

“This is a operation alternative, but this procedure uses your very own fat in lieu the dermal fillers. I harvest the fat from either your thighs or stomach, to wash it, and inject it into the lips,” explains Motykie.

“I love this alternative because the is much more cost-effective in the lengthy run.” 

He claims the outcomes not just look much more natural, however they can last as much as ten years. 

Also, face fat transfer can be used anywhere dermal fillers can, for this reason you deserve to inject her under-eye area, chin, cheeks, lips, etc.

The various other surgical different is a lip lift, Motykie says, which shortens the distance in between the peak of her lip and also your nose. 

It is a popular option to combine with a rhinoplasty (nose job) due to the fact that “the scar is covert in the interior of the nose.”

If you are looking to prevent needles and also knives, over there are many lip-plumping commodities like glosses, masks, and serums developed to plump and hydrate the lips. 

What surgeries has actually Kylie zener had?





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The very first procedure she got was lip fillers.

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Fans have actually speculated the Kylie has had surgery on she nose, boobs and butt, however, the star has denied this claims.


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