What happens as soon as you take it a perennial family members favorite, acquire rid of fabricated dyes (known in the food market as yellow No. 5 and also 6), and also replace that with paprika, annatto, and turmeric? girlfriend get artificial ingredient-free Kraft Mac and Cheese.

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Company officials had said Kraft"s decision to ditch the man-made colors come after cautious consideration. "We constantly talk to ours consumers and also get feedback indigenous them, and we knew they wanted to feel better about the ingredient they offer their families," Kraft-Heinz"s vice president of meals Greg Guidotti said Eater. "We saw an possibility in the marketplace to enhance our ingredient line, but we didn"t desire do the readjust before we had actually the appropriate recipe."

The decision wasn"t taken lightly, due to the fact that Guidotti also told Eater that it take it the company three years before they to be comfortable v a new formula. And also to make sure the healthy formula would certainly not be bad received, they go the move a month early. "We knew the recipe still tasted simply as good as you suppose from Kraft, yet whenever you speak you"ve adjusted something, consumers will certainly say it probably won"t taste together good," Guidotti said. "Since us knew the tasted specifically the same, we want our pan to experience that because that themselves without also being prompted."


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So once they finally announced the switch, they also confessed come the switcheroo by calling it "the world"s largest blind taste test." It seemed to it is in a success due to the fact that "fifty million boxes later ... Civilization didn"t an alert a difference." (Well, they would have, if they had checked the ingredients on the back of the box). 

But part fans did notification (paprika, annatto, and also turmeric room spices and also have distinctive flavor file after all), and they walk on Change.org come petition to switch it back to the old recipe. The group referred to as themselves #Wenoticed; your petition (which is still online) just picked up 70 supporters.

Don"t think the all-natural flavored Mac and Cheese is any kind of healthier than its predecessor though, because it dead 720 mg of sodium per offer — or about 72 percent of your RDA because that salt. They"re additionally still greatly processed, making them as healthy and balanced (or unhealthy) as they constantly were (via CNN).