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Kirsten Storms is stepping back fromGeneral Hospitalto focus on her health after undergoing brain surgery.On Monday, the Soap Opera Network announced thatStorms will certainly be acquisition a temporary leave the absencetofocuson she recovery. Storms to be last watched on theJuly 19 illustration of the daytime TV drama, throughout which hercharacter,Maxie Jones, leftPort Charles v her baby and also went toTexas, wherein she"ll be for the foreseeable future. ET has reached the end to Storms" reps for comment however have yet to listen back.

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In June, Storms revealed the she had been enduring from some "random health issues" that led her to get brain surgery. She shared details ofher diagnosis and also surgery to remove a large cyst, thanking pan for your support.

"I invested the last couple of years having random health issues that ns disregarded as side affects come my drugs or just something i was experiencing as result of age," Storms wrote. "When i went to obtain an MRI for some severe neck pains I have been experiencing for the last couple of months (I suspect this neck pain was additionally causing my regular "migraines") my amazingly thorough orthopedist bespeak an MRI of my head just to be on the "safe side"- also though that isn’t his area that expertise. Truly a good doctor."

"That’s once we stumbled ~ above a rather large, very full the fluid, cyst the was attached come the lower section of brain," she continued. "I feel an extremely fortunate the my instance wasn’t much more serious and also that I had actually a exorbitant neurosurgeon who immediately knew just how to resolve it."

The actress confessed that mind surgery made her nervous, however her friends, family and work family members were therefore supportive and also kind.

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"Work is a good place to it is in everyday and for the 2 month leading as much as my surgical procedure I uncovered a lot of comfort being roughly the human being I’ve functioned beside for so plenty of years," she explained. "I’m excited to get back to it after mine recovery. (Yes, they shaved a section of mine head, so please no comments if girlfriend don’t favor my hair. It’s temporary.)"

"Again, say thanks to you to anyone for sending positive vibes mine way. It’s not gone unnoticed. ♥️," she said. "Fun fact: I currently firmly think the brand-new plates in my brain will provide me some type of one-of-a-kind ability. Finger crossed I deserve to suddenly knit a pullover in 1 day. Ooo probably 1 hour. 😮."

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After clarifying that the cyst was not cancerous, Storms included that she"d it is in "on the mend" for several weeks, prior to making her return to work. It"s unclear when Storms will certainly be back onGeneral Hospital.


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