KIM Kardashian has actually revealed she will discover out shortly whether she has actually passed her latest legal exam, after double failing it.

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On her trip to becoming a lawyer, the 40-year-old SKIMS founder take it the infant bar because that the third time in July and also is awaiting the results.


Kim Kardashian said this week that she will discover out in days whether she has actually passed her recent legal exam


The 40-year-old formerly failed the exam twice

The mom-of-four satellite down through Kristen Bell and Monica Padman for their podcast We are Supported By… and revealed she will certainly be “pissed” if she fails.

She said: “If I perform not pass this bar – I find out in a couple of days – i am really going to question myself, because I think ns did well.

“So if i don’t pass, i am walk to it is in so f**king pissed, you have no idea.” she added.

‘F**K! i FAILED’

Kim formerly failed two baby bar exams previously, revealing her disappointment in the finale episode of maintaining Up v the Kardashians in June.

“I failed! F**k! i failed,” the 40-year-old told she lawyers top top the phone around her 2nd attempt in ~ the test. “This is yes, really annoying.”

“This is yes, really annoying. Ns feel bummed, completely bummed. The total score was 463, ns pretty much gained the exact same thing, in reality a tiny bit worse.”

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The infant bar – formally recognized as First-Year legislation Students’ test – is a test in California for legal students who are discovering online or v a personal tutor instead of one accredited school.

To pass, students require to acquire a score of 560, or 70 percent, on the exam which is seven hrs long.

On her first attempt, Kim scored 474.


“I feeling bummed. Like entirely bummed, however it is what the is,” she stated in a confessional on the finale. “I understand I just have to not stress around it. Yes sir so countless other f**king stressful things going on. I just have to do much better in the future.”

After part encouragement native Khloe, Kim made decision to take it the test again in July.

According come FindLaw, students the fail the infant bar 3 times could lose credit for any type of of the process she’s taken for this reason far.

Kim walk on come say the if she passes and also she achieves her dream of being a lawyer, she desires to begin her very own firm and hire few of the civilization she’s helped totally free from incarceration who have actually been incorrectly convicted.


Fans of Kim know how difficult she has operated to end up being a lawyer, together her distinct law school procedure was recorded on KUWTK.

After admittingshedid not passthe difficult baby bar test the very first time around, Kim told viewers the she learned “10-12 hours a day” in preparation for her 2nd try.

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Despite failing the baby bar a second time, Kim has not offered up hope about following in her late father Robert Kardashian’s footsteps and also becoming a lawyer.

Back in May, a resource exclusively said The sunlight that Kim “has not provided up on her dream of becoming a lawyer” despite the “big set back.”

The informant continued: “And through all her personal life events going on, her plans were pushed earlier 6 months to a year. However she tho plans on pursuing this.”