‘Please permit me pass this test.’ (Photo by Mike Cohen/Getty images for The new York Times)

When we last confirm in through Kim Kardashian, it was revealed that she had failed the California infant bar (aka the First-Year law Students’ Examination) for the second time. She’s currently in a precarious position, as if she fails it two an ext times, she can lose credit transaction for all coursework taken up to this point. Previously, she would certainly have had only 3 shots come pass, but thanks come a pandemic ascendancy change, Kardashian will get four tries.

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(If you’re scratching her head and also wondering why the truth star is taking any bar exams at all, back in April 2019, Kardashian told the people that she was researching to become a lawyer there is no going to regulation school, but through one apprenticeship.)

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Kardashian had actually the chance to take the exam again this past June, but did she perform it? In August, she was a guest on Kristen Bell’s and Monica Padman’s podcast, We space Supported By…, whereby she stated that she had, in fact, bring away the test, and also was waiting on her results. “If I carry out not pass this bar — I discover out in a couple of days — i am yes, really going to question myself, since I think ns did well,” she said. “So if ns don’t pass, ns am walking to it is in so f**king pissed, you have actually no idea,” she added.

Results from that exam were sent out to applicants on august 6.

So, go she pass this time around? That’s not specifically clear. In a recent interview through the wall Street Journal, she listed that she to be studying about four hrs a day.“My days are fully micromanaged to the minute,” she says. “In order to acquire away from the kids, i will go into the office in ~ my house and study.”

We haven’t seen any type of celebratory society media posts from Kardashian about passing the infant bar, yet maybe she’s walk to do the announcement (if there’s a happy one to be made) ~ above her new Hulu display — which is claimed to focus more on her legislation studies — because of premiere at some time in early on 2022. Native the WSJ:


She newly failed some introductory bar exams and also concedes that she has a the majority of work in front of her. “I do have a methods to go. Hopefully at some point I have the right to start a regulation firm whereby we can aid people agree bono and hire people who are formerly incarcerated.”

What go this mean? She has “a means to go”? go she happen the check or not? Come on, Kim. Don’t save us waiting here like this. We’re rooting for you, and if girlfriend didn’t pass the test in June, then we hope the test went well because that you yesterday.

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