Kim Kardashian"s new flawless 20-carat emerald-cut diamond ring to add megawatt symmetry come the truth star"s jewelry wardrobe. The $8 million sparkler, which to be gifted to she by hubby Kanye West, unique complements the 15-carat cushion-cut diamond engagement ring he offered her ago in 2013. The ring was apparently worth $1.3 million.

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Designer Lorraine Schwartz revealed on she Instagram page that the diamond boasts a D color and has an exceptional clarity rating of kind IIa. Diamonds in this category are chemically pure and also often present extraordinary optical transparency. Famous form IIa diamondsincludethe Cullinan, Koh-i-Noor and Lesedi La Rona.


Schwartz post a short, somewhat blurry, Snapchat video clip of Kardashian flaunting both rings. The video clip is captioned, "Guess who simply got an additional #dflawless #perfect #type2a diamond ring??? #20carat #emeraldcut #omg #lorraineschwartz diamonds."

In the video, the brand-new ring is on she left hand and also her engagement ring is top top the right. Video link is here...


Apparently, Kardashian had been attract the brand-new ring for an ext than 3 weeks. The rapper offered it to she just before the MTV video clip Music Awards in brand-new York last month, but the paparazzi and fashion push didn"t capture on till she wore BOTH rings at a Harper"s Bazaar party on September 9. The ring layouts are practically identical, other than for the dimension of the center stone.


The power couple was famously on the magazine"s September 2016 cover.

Fashion bloggers wondered if the ring was a belated press present. Kardashian offered birth come the couple"s second child, Saint West, back in December the 2015.


Kardashian"s newest jewelry will certainly take its place in the pantheon the the most renowned diamond rings of every time.

These incorporate the 35-carat gem Mariah Carey got in January from Aussie billionaire James Packer, the 33.19-carat Krupp Diamond, i beg your pardon Richard Burton famously offered to Elizabeth Taylor in 1968, the 30-carat diamond Taylor received from Michael Todd in 1957, the 24-carat canary yellow diamond Paris Hilton accepted from Paris Latsis in 2005, the 20.5-carat solitaire Kardashian got from Kris Humphries in 2011, the 20-carat diamond Christina Aguilera received from Jordan Bratman in 2005 and the 18-carat diamond Beyoncé obtained from Jay-Z in 2007.

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Credits: Instagram/TeamKimye, Instagram/LorraineSchwartz; Harper"s Bazaar;Instagram/KimKardashian.