The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star admitted the she "can"t sleep" if she leaves jewelry or money in the safe inside her Calabasas home





Nearly 5 years ~ Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint inside her Paris hotel room, the star has slowly started to wear diamond jewel again. When she an initial said she "didn't know" if she would ever before go back to put on lavish jewels after ~ the traumatic incident, currently the 40-year-old does — yet with some significant changes involved.

"As much as jewelry, if I'm attract something, it's borrowed. It's fake," Kim said throughout the Keeping Up with the Kardashians series reunion held by Andy Cohen top top E!.

Inside her Calabasas home, Kim is specifically careful about what pricey piece she keeps stored. "No expensive item ever concerned my home. I have actually it all taken indigenous security before I even get in my home. Ns can't sleep if I have jewelry in mine safe, or money, or anything at my house. I just don't live mine life prefer that," stated the star, who doubled-down top top the number of personal defense guards she keeps with she at every times post-robbery.

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All points considered, Kim's thankful that she's adjusted and grown together a an outcome of the incident. "On a confident note, I'm a completely different person due to the fact that of it, in the best way. , I had to have actually the coolest car, the best rims, the finest outfit and also I believed that i was the s--- since of that. I thought that do me," she said.

Kim continued: "The points I valued before that happened were genuinely fully different 보다 what I value now. It's funny to obtain dressed up and also all this, however like, points don't do me."

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Khloé Kardashian jumped in to say the while "Kim to be obviously a great sister prior," the family became even more tight-knit ~ the Paris robbery. "The far-reaching shift in just how she caters to she relationships and the attentiveness that she now offers her family as opposed to red carpets or things — i mean, our connection has substantially changed," Khloé said.

During the October 2016 robbery, Kim was hosted at gunpoint by 5 burglars who took 2 cellphones and approximately $10 million precious of jewelry, consisting of a $4 million diamond ring from ex-husband Kanye. A year and also a half later, sources told world that Kim made significant changes to her lifestyle in bespeak to increase safety.

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"Ever due to the fact that the Paris robbery, Kim has made many changes in her life. She is much more careful around being flashy," a source told

She now staffs her new house with 24/7 security and also does not store expensive possessions (including jewelry) in the house. "She doesn't wear expensive jewelry every day, for this reason it provides no feeling to store it in ~ the house. Kim is trying to get rid of as many involves as possible," the source said at the time.

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