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Appearing on The Jim Cornette Experience, Kevin Sullivan handle his factor for decreasing to show up in the kris Benoit episode of Dark next of the Ring. Sullivan to be married come Nancy Benoit prior to she at some point became associated with and married Benoit, and also the episode featured allegations that Sullivan was abusive to Nancy which to be a factor in them break up and her ending up with Benoit.

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Sullivan, who has never really debated the matter prior to publicly, talked about why he chose not to show up on the episode and also recalled his marital problems with Nancy before Chris came into the picture, and also addressed allegations that he fight Nancy. Highlights and the full video are below:

On decreased to be part of Dark next of the Ring since he didn’t hear Nancy’s parental okayed it: “I have been exceptionally sensitive to them , they to be dear friends at one time. And also I can’t imagine just how it is to gain up every morning because that the mother and the dad to see 2 urns ~ above a mantle. I average that, to me, needs to be the hardest point in the world. And also I respect castle very, an extremely much. And I wanted to hear indigenous them if they okayed it, since they have never talked around it publicly the I recognize of … No disrespect to Sandra, yet I wasn’t gonna take it anybody else’s word, other than for Maureen and also Paul’s word. And if it to be okay with them, i would have talked.”

On his connection with Nancy gift rocky before Benoit came into WCW: “Right. We had actually problems prior to Chris come in for about 6 months. Ns mean, points – hey, it happens daily. It taken place to us, we thrived apart. Truthfully, over there was that age difference where she invested her early 20’s with me no seeing — she witnessed the world, but not on she own. And Benoit, once we placed him through her, his wife was pregnant in ~ the time and he was very leery around it since he had a meeting with Eric and also I and also he said, ‘I’ve gotta make sure my wife doesn’t acquire upset around this. That was an extremely concerned, she was pregnant in ~ the time.

“So yeah, we had probably — I’m gonna say six months we had actually had problems. We had two homes at the moment that we live in. Ns was spending much more and much more time down in the Keys, and she was spending more and much more time in Daytona. And also then together it eventually went, one incident happened that ns actually remained in Daytona — ns mean, the tricks — 98% the the time, and the just time ns went approximately Daytona was once she wasn’t there. And I mean, us knew wherein we to be headed, that we were headed for a divorce somewhere under the line. And also we tried to patch it increase a pair times, but things simply didn’t work.”

On his partnership with chris Benoit throughout Benoit’s beforehand WCW run: “I had actually never met the before. I had actually seen him. Jimmy, you’re gonna have to help me on this one. I think the an initial time i actually experienced Chris, ns was the town hall PBS when I was in Japan. Ns wasn’t city hall in Japan however I was working Japan … the was really professional. He was every business, he was a quiet guy. He had a little circle of friends. Yet they were an extremely loyal to one another, and every night he to be going out to have the best match ~ above the card. And he constantly had that every night.”

On if he had any kind of suspicion the Benoit and Nancy would finish up with each other from your angle: “No, and also that to be the furthest thing from mine mind. Like you just said, he had actually a pregnant wife. He to be quiet guy, and her and I weren’t obtaining along. And also I knew what was going come happen, meaning I knew that us were walking to separate down the line — well, us were . Us weren’t living with each other anymore. However did ns think kris was gonna leave his family? No. And also I actually don’t think his friends thought that either.”

On the only main report of domestic violence between him and also Nancy being against Nancy: “Yea, I’ve never brought that increase Jimmy. And you know, if friend look at it, there were charges placed on her. She invested three job in jail, and also she stabbed me with a knife. And also that was the break of our connection completely. Climate I never went back to Daytona. And I payment for she to obtain out the jail, however I never lugged it up because of the respect I had for she mother and father. And I know it weighs heavy on your heart. I supplied to say to myself, ‘I can lug this, i can lug it. They can’t.’ I’m not trying to it is in a hero here however why put more weight on your heads and say that?”

On Nancy’s sister alleging he assaulted Nancy: “For Sandra to say that, i think occasionally maybe Sandra sees things her very own way. And these guys from Dark next of the Ring definitely aren’t Sherlock Holmes or Watson, or castle would have actually figured the out. Walk some research study on that. Her mommy was really appreciative, and also father too, of what ns did to gain it squashed. She never really — we visited court and also said this is the just time we ever had a problem; that won’t take place again, and also I obtained her out. And she went home and I obtained the car and drove to the Keys.”

On the show’s case that Sullivan provided Nancy a black color eye: “Well, ns was living down in the Keys. Ns hadn’t it seems to be ~ Nancy for about four months.

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If she had a black color eye, i don’t know just how she got it. However I think perhaps Sandra acquired her timeline not correct … i never gave her a black eye.”

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