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DJ Quiana Parks was part of the black Girls Rock! Festival held at the man F. Kennedy center in in march 2020. (AP)


The Kennedy Center and also a nonprofit that funds PBS received money native the $2 trillion federal stimulus regulation in solution to the coronavirus.

Both Kennedy and also PBS room nonprofits that are prohibited by regulation from making political donations. Commonwealth election records display they have not made any such donations.

When it involved the $2 sunshine relief package because that COVID-19, maybe few things fueled an ext political criticism than the $25 million that checked out the john F. Kennedy center for the Performing Arts.

Some republicans blasted the earmark as federal largesse.

But worse than the Kennedy money are coronavirus kickbacks that followed, asserted a article shared 54,000 times on Facebook.

"So, the virus bill provides $25 million come the Kennedy center (and) $200 million come PBS," the article says, introduce to the general public Broadcasting Service. "In return, the Kennedy center donates $5 million to the democratic Party and also PBS donates $25 million to the autonomous Party. This is flat-out money laundering and quid pro quo. Prove me wrong." 

With apologies, we will.

The write-up was flagged as part of Facebook’s initiatives to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Read much more about ours partnership through Facebook.)

The Kennedy Center and PBS

The Kennedy facility opened in Washington, D.C., in 1971, eight year after the assassination the the 35th president because that whom it is named. That is residence to the national Symphony Orchestra and the Washington national Opera. Amongst its most celebrated moments is the late Aretha Franklin’s performance of "(You make Me feel Like) A herbal Woman," in 2015.

PBS is a private nonprofit own by its more than 330 member public tv stations and serves as an alternative to advertising broadcasting. It is funded mostly by those stations and also by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a personal nonprofit created and also funded by the federal federal government that manages federal funding for publicly media. The children’s present "Sesame Street" (which relocated to HBO ~ 45 years) and the dramatic series "Masterpiece" (formerly "Masterpiece Theatre") are amongst PBS’ most renowned shows.

The economic stimulation law

The biggest of the coronavirus stimulus packages embraced into regulation so much is the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic defense Act, or care Act, which to be enacted march 27. 

"Keeping employees paid and also employed, health care system enhancements and also economic stabilization" are the primary intends of the overall bill. 

Features incorporate payments the $1,200 every individual, subject to income limits, a $600 bonus included to weekly unemployment insurance checks and also forgivable loan for tiny businesses to help them satisfy their payrolls. 

The Kennedy and also PBS money

The $25 million in cares money for the Kennedy center is for such purposes as "deep cleaning," maintenance, telework upgrades, employee compensation, rent and utilities. The center is a federal reality funded by ticket revenue and also congressional appropriations, for this reason receiving funding through a congressional invoice isn’t unusual.

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