Congratulations to Kelly Rowland and also her husband, Tim Weatherspoon! The 39-year-old singer provided birth to their second child together, a son called Noah, top top Jan. 21. She revealed the amazing news on her Instagram top top Saturday, along with an adorable photograph of her new bundle of joy with her and also Weatherspoon"s 6-year-old son, Titan.

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"On the 21st day, that the 21st year, that the 21st Century, young name Jon Weatherspoon, Greeted us!" she wrote. "We are truly grateful❤️❤️❤️❤️ 1•21•21. 8:13pm. 7lbs. 8oz 19in."

Rowland and Weatherspoon bound the knot in 2014. Rowland revealed she to be pregnant in October, showing off her baby bump in stunning coast photos for Women"s Health."We had actually been talking around loosely, and also then COVID happened, and we were simply like, "Let’s view what happens,"" Rowland told the magazine.

She common that she was initially hesitant to share the happy news throughout such hard times.

"But friend still desire to remind world that life is important," she noted. "And gift able to have actually a child… I’m knocking in ~ 40’s door in February. Taking care of myself way a lot to me."

She additionally talked about raising Black youngsters amid the present social and political climate.

"I’d just put Titan come bed. I acquired into the shower, and also I had this real hard, ugly, deep cry," she recalled of the emotional toll it"s tackled her. "Because ns promised to protect my kid. That was the key thing ns was reasoning about: protecting this small innocence."

When ET speak to the Destiny"s kid member in May, she cry while talking about social injustice in the black community.

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"I can"t sit still. I"m angry. I"m hurt. At times feeling hopeless," Rowland admitted when in tears. "But then occasionally I look at my son and also I"m like, hell no. Ns gotta keep going and what do I should do? emotion for the family members that have to go with all this. Communities, all their emotions, just makes me angry. There"s so countless things I"m feeling, prefer everyone else."

Watch the video below for more.

Kelly Rowland on feeling ‘Hurt’ and ‘Anger’ Over current Racial Divides in the U.S. (Exclusive)

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