The Voice: Every Winner from Team Kelly Clarkson In her brief time ~ above the show, Kelly Clarkson has already coached three contestants to victory The Voice. Find out which Team Kelly singers have actually won.

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together she kicks off The Voice season 20 with a bang, it"s time to review every one of the winners that came native Team Kelly Clarkson in the past. Kelly acquired her first taste that coaching The Voice every the means back in 2017 as soon as she was brought into season 13 as a part-time vital advisor come all four teams. She appeared to have fun with the gig, and also the viewers loved watching her, prompting NBC to rental Kelly together a permanent coach for season 14. Team Kelly has actually been top top the show ever since, seven seasons later.

As a popstar exterior of The Voice, Kelly Clarkson has earned herself 3 #1 hits on the hot 100 graph from Billboard: 2002"s "A moment Like This", 2009"s "My Life would Suck there is no You", and also 2012"s "Stronger (What Doesn"t death You)". The original American Idol winner additionally has 3 #1 albums top top the Billboard 200 chart: 2003"s Thankful, 2009"s All I ever Wanted, and also 2015"s Piece by Piece. Yet Kelly is much more than just a best-selling popstar, she is likewise a well-respected vocalist. In her career, Kelly Clarkson has actually won 3 Grammy Awards.

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A complete of three The Voice winners were coached under Team Kelly Clarkson on the show. Kelly"s very very first win occurred in season 14, which likewise happened to be her first-ever season top top the show. She coached Brynn Cartelli to impress the viewers and win the crown at the finale. Then, in season 15, Team Kelly once again came v for Chevel Shepherd, who won the show. Kelly"s third and many recent win took ar in season 17, once her mentee Jake Hoot was crowned a winner.

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Kelly Clarkson lost to man Legend in season 16, to Blake Shelton in season 18, and to Gwen Stefani in season 19, which method that she"s an extremely hungry come coach a brand-new The Voice winner in season 20. So far in the blind Auditions, Kelly has landed a most talented singers on her team. Alas, this season is just getting started, therefore there"s still a many competition ahead for Team Kelly.

Will Kelly Clarkson control to coach a 4th contestant to win The Voice? Kelly"s fans definitely think in her and also will surely song in to find out!

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