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On may 22, 2015, the Senate pass HR 1314, i beg your pardon was supplied as a legislative car for trade legislation with the titles "Trade action of 2015" and also the "Bipartisan Congressional trade Priorities and also Accountability act of 2015," through a poll of 62-37. The bill proposed offering the chairman trade promotion authority (TPA). TPA, additionally known as fast track authority, permits the chairman to negotiate profession deals that cannot it is in amended by Congress. Congress casts a an easy up or down vote ~ above a trade agreement, and the law only calls for a simple majority for approval. The bill likewise included a declare of profession priorities and provisions for profession adjustment assistance. Ayotte voted through 47 various other Republican senators to grant the bill.<10><11>Trade promo authority On may 5, 2015, the Senate vote to provide SConRes11, a congressional budget proposal because that fiscal year 2016, by a poll of 51-48. The non-binding resolution will certainly be supplied to develop 12 appropriations bills to fund the government. The vote marked the first time due to the fact that 2009 the Congress authorized a joint budget plan resolution. Every 44 democrats voted against the resolution. Ayotte voted v 50 other Republican senators to provide the bill.<15><16><17>

Defense security authorization

on June 18, 2015, the Senate pass HR 1735 - nationwide Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 through a poll of 71-25. The bill "authorizes FY2016 appropriations and sets forth policies for department of Defense (DOD) programs and activities, including military personnel strengths. It does not provide budget authority, which is provided in succeeding appropriations legislation." Ayotte voted with 48 Republicans, 21 Democrats and also one independent to grant the bill.<22> The house passed the bill on might 15, 2015.<23> president Barack Obama vetoed the bill on October 22, 2015.<24>

2015 budget

On may 7, 2015, the Senate voted to grant HR 1191 - A invoice to provide for conference review and also oversight the agreements relating to Iran"s atom program, and also for other purposes, by a poll of 98-1. The bill required President Barack Obama to send the details of the nuclear deal with Iran because that congressional review. Congress had 60 days to evaluation the deal and vote to approve, reject or take it no action on the deal. Throughout the testimonial period, penalty on Iran could not it is in lifted. Ayotte voted through 52 various other Republican senators to grant the bill. Senator Tom cotton (Ark.) to be the only Republican who voted versus the bill.<28><29>

Hire much more Heroes action of 2015 ~ above September 15, 2015, the Senate voted for a 2nd time to filibuster the measure to refuse of the Iran nuclear transaction by a poll of 56-42.<32> Sixty votes were needed to continue to HJ Res 61 - the Hire more Heroes act of 2015, the legislative auto the Senate was supposed to usage to reject of the Iran atom deal. Ayotte voted v 51 Republicans and also four democrats to continue to the measure up of disapproval.<33> The law was vote on for a 3rd time on September 17, and it failed for a 3rd time by a poll of 56-42.<34>

Hire more Heroes act of 2015 fourth vote on October 20, 2015, the Senate voted versus proceeding come a vote on S 2146 - the avoid Sanctuary Policies and Protect americans Act through a vote of 54-45. The bill proposed withholding federal capital from "sanctuary jurisdictions" that violate the Illegal immigrant Reform and Immigrant obligation Act of 1996 and also other commonwealth immigration laws. In addition, the bill proposed raising "penalties for people who illegal reenter the United claims after being removed" and also providing "liability protection for State and local regulation enforcement who cooperate with Federal legislation enforcement."<37> Ayotte voted with 51 Republicans and two democrats in donate of proceeding to the bill.<38>


USA freedom Act the 2015

top top April 23, 2015, the Senate voted to check Loretta Lynch together United claims Attorney basic by a vote of 56-43. All 44 autonomous senators poll to check Lynch. Ayotte voted through nine other Republican senators to confirm Lynch.<41>

Cyber security

Ayotte voted versus the confirmation of man Brennan as Director of the main Intelligence Agency. The nomination was evidenced by the Senate on march 7, 2013, v a vote of 63 - 34. Many Democrats supported the nomination, when Republicans to be somewhat separated with approximately one-third supporting the nomination.<46>

Drones filibusterSee also: edge Paul filibuster of man Brennan"s CIA Nomination in march 2013

On march 6, 2013, Senator rand Paul (R) led a 13-hour filibuster of president Obama"s CIA manager nominee, man Brennan. Paul began the filibuster in stimulate to to mark his concerns around the administration"s drone policies. In particular, Paul claimed he was concerned about whether a drone could be used to kill an American citizen within the United claims border, without any due procedure involved. Paul and also other polite liberties activists criticized president Obama for not giving a clear response to the question. A total of 14 senators joined Paul in the filibuster -- 13 Republicans and one Democrat.<47><48><49>

Ayotte was one of 30 Republican senators that did not assistance the filibuster.<50><51><52><53>

The job after the filibuster, Attorney general Eric Holder sent out a letter come Paul, responding come the filibuster. Holder wrote, "Does the president have the government to usage a weaponized drone to kill an American not involved in combat on U.S. Soil? The price to that is no."<54>


Government shutdown see also: unified States budget plan debate, 2013

An aide for Ayotte said, "Any work that federal workers carry out not gain paid, Sen. Ayotte will certainly donate she salary come a new Hampshire charity."<55>

Ayotte voted for H.R.325 -- No Budget, No pay Act the 2013. The bill passed the Senate ~ above January 31, 2013, through a vote of 64 - 34. The function of the invoice was to temporarily suspend the debt ceiling and withhold the pay of members that Congress until a spending plan could it is in passed. The vote largely complied with party lines v Democrats overwhelmingly supporting it and also many republicans in opposition come the bill.<58>


Mexico-U.S. Border

Ayotte voted because that S.47 -- Violence against Women Reauthorization act of 2013. The bill was happen by the Senate ~ above February 12, 2013, v a poll of 78 - 22. The function of the bill was come combat violence versus women, from residential violence to international trafficking in persons. Every 22 dissenting votes were cast by Republicans.<60>

Background checks on pistol sales

On April 17, 2013, the U.S. Senate took a vote on and defeated a measure that would certainly have increased federal background checks for guns purchases.<61> The vote was 54-46, v supporters falling six votes short of the compelled 60-vote threshold.<62> Only four Republican members the the Senate voted for the bill, and also Ayotte to be not one of them-- making her the sole senator native the Northeast to take component in what was dubbed a "triumph for the nationwide Rifle Association."<63><64> Despite brand-new Hampshire"s and also the region"s "long tradition of assistance for pistol rights," one poll indigenous 2013 proved that almost 95 percent of state citizens supported background checks. Underlining this statistic, in the weeks complying with her vote against the legislation, Ayotte encountered significant backlash on both the local and also national level. In enhancement to decreasing job approval ratings, tensions over Ayotte"s decision to protest the Senate"s bipartisan efforts--with full backing native the Obama administrion--to stiffen background checks for prospective gun owners concerned the fore v a series of it is too dirty live interaction at city hall meetings earlier in new Hampshire in the results of the vote. The city halls were arranged through national institutions such together Mayors against Illegal Guns, and liberal think tank the center for American Progress, in partnership with new Hampshire voters and local gun manage activists.<64> as soon as prompted by the kid of one of the victims from the shoot in Newtown, Connecticut, to defend her nay vote, Ayotte stated she walk not think in the bill"s ability to prevent tragedies such together the Newtown elementary institution shooting, and instead would prefer to redirect the controversy to target the mental health problems at the source of the violence. She likewise acknowledged the lot of resistance her poll provoked from colleagues and also constituents, saying the “We deserve to have solid disagreements, but ultimately every little thing should be debated and also discussed. And also I’ll continue to perform that.” Ayotte shown that she would support measures which, unequal the regulation she recently rejected, would successfully motivate the U.S. Justice department to take their task of enforcing and prosecuting existing pistol laws much more seriously, and to staunch the sales of guns on the black market."<64>

As of Public plan Polling Institute"s April 19-21 poll, Ayotte"s approval rating to reduce 15 percentage points due to the fact that October, and 50 percent of new Hampshire voter surveyed said that Ayotte’s denial of the lift check plan would make them much less likely to assistance her in a future election, when 23 percent viewed her decision favorably.

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Mental heather bill

Following the marine Yard shootings in September 2013, Ayotte and also Mark Begich released a share statement asking the Senate to take into consideration a invoice on psychological health. Lock said, "Given the clean connection in between recent massive shootings and also mental illness, the Senate must not delay bipartisan law that would certainly help deal with this issue. We advice Leader Reid and Leader McConnell to job-related together to lug this bill to the Senate floor as a stand-alone bill that could be voted on and passed immediately."<66>

Previous conference sessions

Fiscal Cliff

Ayotte voted because that the fiscal cliff weaken bill, which make permanent many of the bush tax cuts originally passed in 2001 and 2003 while also raising tax rates on the highest income levels. The invoice was happen in the Senate by one 89 - 8 vote on January 1, 2013.<67>