It seems favor every solitary month there's a new White home Press Secretary in president Trump's administration. First, there was Sean Spicer, who was lampooned for apparently "stealing" a refrigerator and also having one affinity for huge Red chewing gum. Then, buy it Sanders, and also Stephanie Grisham, and finally, Kayleigh McEnany. And also people desire to know: did she happen the bar test or not?

There's naught in Kayleigh's biography that argues she happen the bar, unless you're listening to this human being on a ar & stream forum who states she passed that in Arkansas. Also if she didn't, she has a pretty superior University resume. The Florida aboriginal initially specialty in worldwide politics at Georgetown University's school of foreign Service and also spent part time researching abroad in Oxford. After graduating native Georgetown, she operated as a producer because that Mike Huckabee's political commentary show.

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After logging in a few years of on-the-job-training, she enrolled in Miami college of Law before ultimately transferring to Harvard regulation School wherein she graduated in 2016 after earning the Bruce J. Winick Award because that Excellence. Even while McEnany to be in law school, she was showing up on CNN together a payment commentator. Before being the White house Press Secretary because that Trump, McEnany to be vocally vital of the president.


The Guardian reported the McEnany eventually reversed her opinion on Donald trump in an effort to get much more television time and also further she career. Michael Marcantonio, an associate at a regulation firm with autonomous ties said, "Donald trump card is going come be her nominee ... a smart, young, blond Harvard graduate to acquire on television and have a career as a politics pundit, you would be wise to be an early backer." 

On Aug. 5, 2017, McEnany left her place at CNN and also then hosted a 90-second webcast referred to as Real News Update in i m sorry she heaped tons of praise on Donald Trump's name, the stances he's taking, and also his vision because that America, stating she lugged "real news" to the American people. From the day forward, her career together a Republican pundit was on an increase trajectory.

realDonaldTrump, “U.S. Black-owned firms make surprised comeback come pre-COVID level”The good American comeback is underway‼️

— Kayleigh McEnany (

Democrat van Jones had actually high praise for McEnany: "I'm not trying to defend the messaging, however what i hope world can identify is there's very couple of people in one of two people party that can achieve what Kayleigh has completed in together a short time ... Human being keep taking her lightly, and they keep regretting it," therefore it's not favor she's receiving applause from simply conservatives and Trump supporters.

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McEnany to be appointed the White house Press Secretary on April 7, 2020. In the time she's praised the president for his solution to the COVID-19 pandemic and stated that the an outcome of the Mueller Report investigation culminated in a "complete and also total exoneration of president Trump."

AOC, “Socialism” “Defund the Police” critiques room “racial resentment attacks.”This is a deranged proposition!AOC gift the future the the Democrat Party method that the Democrat Party is doomed for failure as the radical left takeover bring away hold! ⬇️

— Kayleigh McEnany (

The result of the 2020 election as of this composing as no yet to be established, and, unsurprisingly, Kayleigh is continuous tweeting the Trump isn't the end of the White house yet and that votes space still being counted. She's also retweeted president Donald Trump's vow to seek legal action to solidify the counts of the votes.