Miley Cyrus claimed to it is in the incentive behind "I Kissed a Girl," but Katy Perry"s tune was never about her.

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Katy Perry performing top top stage
The singer that is recognized as Katy Perry (it"s not her real name, remember!) has many going for her. A brand-new baby, a hunky fiance, and also millions of devoted fans are nothing come scoff at.

Plus, Katy Perry has had actually some substantial moments in her musical career, and also one of lock came through her debut of the song "I Kissed a Girl." that was yes, really a breakthrough for the rising star, that earned tons of attention (not always positive) for the catchy however controversial song.

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Fans have long wondered, though, even if it is the song was written about a particular girl or possibly a relationship that Perry had actually previously. If the star has been pretty open about her partnership with Orlando Bloom, not to point out exes prefer Russell Brand and John Mayer, she"s never admitted to date a girl.

Anyway, ago when Miley Cyrus was prepping for a brand-new album release and giving press for her tune "Malibu," she talked a bit about her friendship and history with Katy Perry. In fact, MTV confirmed, Miley declared that she"d been friends with Katy for a decade already, and that the pair to be BFFs earlier in she "Hannah Montana" days.

And, Miley asserted that as soon as she asked around Katy"s 2008 hit, the singer claimed that "I Kissed a Girl" was about her.

The point is, other sources say the it was never ever Miley that the track was about. Fans deserve to assume that perhaps Katy was joking through her pal as soon as she stated "sure, it was about you."

Besides, Miley turned 18 only after spending 5 years as Hannah Montana, which is just a little icky if she yes, really was Perry"s "muse." despite fans understand she"s due to the fact that taken a rotate toward R-rated activities, namely her on-deck and also much-publicized PDA with Kaitlynn Carter.

however some sources — consisting of Katy it s her — indicate that Miley was never the muse behind the song.

In fact, Katy once asserted that Scarlett Johansson to be literally her catalyst for "I Kissed a Girl." Cheat Sheet estimates an apparently old interview wherein Katy elaborated.

back when she was dating Travis McCoy (from Gym class Heroes), Katy opened up a magazine and also saw a photo of Scarlett. She told her boyfriend the if Scarlett walked into a room and also wanted come "make out with" her, she hope he"d it is in OK with it.

and also that moment spawned the idea because that a song that not just paid tribute come a star Katy thought was attractive, but also broke with the super-conservative mold Katy had actually been increased with.

together fans might know, Katy started out to sing gospel songs, for this reason the risque lyrics of "I Kissed a Girl" were a large risk because that her. And apparently, Johansson discovered the track flattering yet did admit that unfortunately, she lips were already spoken for — in ~ the time, anyway.

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