Katy Perry has achieved an international success together a popular music singer, yet after filming one music video in particular, numerous wondered if she had any kind of military suffer in her past.

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In 2012, Katy Perry exit a music video for her song, “Part that Me,” in i m sorry she joins the Marines after going v a difficult break-up. Back she trained v real-life Marines when filming the video, she has actually never been component of the American Military.

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Although the song was a hit, Perry’s decision to function Marines in her video was met v some backlash ~ its release.

Early Life

Perry’s parents to be pastors and also she flourished up in a strict and conservative household. Although in current years she has dominated the music scene v tantalizing videos, together a son she wasn’t allowed to clock MTV or VH1.

At the age of 9, Perry expressed an attention in music and started taking singing lessons and learning how to play the guitar.

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After she uncovered the power and potential in she voice, Perry explained, “Everyone go from skipping me come whoosh, like currently I had actually this magic trick of gift able to hold attention.” It wasn’t long prior to she express an interest in pursuing a career within the music industry.

In 2001, after several trips to a recording studio in Nashville, her gospel album, Katy Hudson, to be released come a tiny audience.

Not to it is in dissuaded, Perry started broadening her music catalogue if in high school and remains heavily influenced by flamboyant artist such as Freddie Mercury come this day.

She maintained pushing forward and also after completing her GED she relocated to Los Angeles at 17 to occupational with producers and also sign to a document label.

After a cable of bad luck, she ultimately signed with Capitol documents in 2007, wherein she released she album One of the Boys under the phase name Katy Perry. Her single, “I Kissed a Girl,” charted heavily after that is release and caught the fist of various other artists.

A couple of years later in 2010 she exit a solitary with Snoop Dogg, “California Gurls,” i beg your pardon had good commercial success.

Her follow-up singles of “Teenage Dream,” “Firework,” “E.T.” and “Last Friday Night” every performed well, much like “California Gurls,” making Perry the second artist after ~ Michael Jackson come have five No.1 hits from one album.

With this exceptional commercial success under she belt, Perry to be able to lastly cement herself as an artist with remaining power.

Female Empowerment

Perry has frequently professed her desire to be a strong role model in interviews, and also the text to “Part of Me” highlight emotional toughness after a tough relationship.

In 2016, she explained, “I’m all about female empowerment and uplifting people’s spirits, and also people recognize their very own voice.”

It was likely this mentality that thrust her creative vision once filming she music video for “Part that Me,” which complies with Perry relocating on indigenous a toxicity relationship.

The video clip shows her undergoing a metamorphosis post-breakup and also cutting off she hair before going through basic training v the Marines.

Prior come “Part of Me,” a common Perry music video was quirky and also light-hearted. This video clip saw her acquire tough, gritty and also explored a deeper definition to her music.

In order to film the video, she checked out Pendleton’s Camp Horno to usage the real maritime base.

Not only did she train with actual Marines, she likewise used one M-16 and practiced grappling moves.

Mixed Reviews

There were some who felt the video glorified the Military and also deliberately turn a remote eye to the consequences of signing up to service.

Despite some backlash, the video clip was eventually well-received by her fans.

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The Marines want to be affiliated in the filming to do it as specific as possible, and gave that the go-ahead because that the chance to attribute its mrs recruits.

Perry was connected in the concept and also threw herself right into preparation prior to filming. Together she explained to MTV, “For three days, ns was choose a wannabe Marine, which to be so difficult. I learned how to flip someone. I learned how to flip them on their back. Ns learned exactly how to wrestle underwater.”

The Marines have said they check out the video clip as good publicity, and as for Perry? She stands by her creative concept and also told MTV, “This feels like among the most aggressive songs I’ve ever put out. That an affirmation that strength.”