Katy Perry and also Orlando Bloom have actually announced the birth of their an initial child - a daughter called Daisy Dove Bloom.

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The pair said they to be "floating v love and also wonder" after their daughter's "safe and also healthy arrival".

Perry revealed she was pregnant in the music video clip for her solitary Never Worn White earlier this year.

KatyPerry and also Orlando Bloom's brand-new bundle that joy.“We room floating through love and also wonder from the safe and healthy arrival of our daughter."


"We room floating with love and wonder from the safe and also healthy arrival of our daughter," the pair said in a statement exit via Unicef, a charity supporting disadvantaged children, for which both Perry and also Bloom room ambassadors.

"But we understand we're the happy ones and not everyone deserve to have a birthing experience as serene as ours was.

"Communities around the world are still experiencing a shortage of healthcare workers and also every 11 secs a pregnant mrs or child dies, mostly from preventable causes.

"Since Covid-19, many an ext newborn stays are at risk because of a higher lack of accessibility to water, soap, vaccines and also medicines that avoid diseases. Together parents to a newborn, this division our hearts, together we empathise v struggling parental now much more than ever."

The couple said lock had set up a donation page to mark Daisy's birth, v the money going towards new mothers and their children.

Image source, Capitol Records

Earlier this month Perry, whose new album smile is released on Friday, explained being pregnant throughout a pandemic as an "emotional rollercoaster".

The singer announced her pregnancy in the video for never ever Worn White, revealing a infant bump in the final frames that the four-minute clip.

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The song's lyrics hinted the she and also Bloom planned to walk under the aisle soon, after getting involved on Valentine's Day last year.

US singer Perry, that was formerly married to Russell Brand, shot come fame in 2008 through the single I Kissed A Girl, which reached number one in the UK.

Bloom was formerly married to Australian design Miranda Kerr, and also they have actually a son, nine-year-old Flynn.