Katharine Hepburn spent six decades of she life working in entertainment and is one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood.

She came to be an outspoken proponent of liberated women’s fashions and also was well-known to ruffle feathers through her preference to wear pants at a time when it was considered taboo because that a woman to carry out so.

Beyond her reputation as a talented however feisty actor, Hepburn to be one-half of a controversial celebrity love affair. She and Spencer Tracy had actually a decades-long romance that finished when he died.

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Spencer Tracy as Sam Craig and also Katharine Hepburn together Tess Harding in the romantic comedy film ‘Woman the the Year’, 1942 | Silver screen Collection/Getty Images

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Spencer Tracy died in Katharine Hepburn’s home

Spencer Tracy and also Katharine Hepburn had actually a love that was thought about legendary, but Tracy to be married to someone rather the entire time they to be together.

He and also Louise Treadwell married in 1923 and had 2 children, one of whom was deaf. Despite he was specialized to his son and daughter, Tracy and also his mam lived separately. Treadwell took care of your son complete time.

Thus, he and also Hepburn involved in a love affair the was shielded from the media but known in particular celebrity circles. They lived together in a cottage own by a director friend however kept separate addresses on document so the public wouldn’t discover out.

Together, Tracy and Hepburn starred in nine movies — consisting of their final one, Guess who Coming come Dinner — before his fatality in 1967.

Per Chandler’s book, Hepburn to be asleep as soon as she heard a cup rest in the kitchen. Tracy, who health had actually been declining, died of a heart attack before she could reach him. After ~ calling his brother through the news, Hepburn dubbed his wife. They will do never spoken or met before, but she provided her the address.

When Treadwell obtained the call, she claimed to Hepburn, “I thought you were only a rumor.” Treadwell concerned meet the coroner and the media was told Hepburn proved up hrs later, “after the body to be gone.”

Hepburn didn’t attend the Tracy’s funeral

Hepburn saw the mortuary after hrs to watch Tracy one last time prior to the funeral. Top top the work of the service, she adhered to the procession in her vehicle but turned about right before showing up at the church. She want to keep a low profile.

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In her book, Audition: A Memoir, Barbara Walters recalled chatting through Hepburn around Tracy. The actor described it didn’t feel proper for she to to visit Tracy’s funeral as she no his wife.

She likewise told Walters the she never watched their final film (Guess who Coming come Dinner) since “The memories were also painful.” Hepburn additionally kept the cup that cracked on the kitchen floor.