Chrissy Metzplays Kate Pearson ~ above the well-known NBC family drama ‘This Is Us.’ together we know, Kate has been with a lot. She has a complex equation with her mother and also has been v an abusive romantic relationship before finding happiness with Toby. However, an aspect that has touched numerous people’s mind is Kate’s struggle with weight and also how the has impacted her self-perception.

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In the series, Kate has actually often discussed how she feels about her body and all the initiatives she is putting in to attain a healthy body weight. This has also got the pan curious to know if Metz wears a fat fit for her duty in the romantic drama. Below is every little thing we have found!

Does Kate top top This Is united state Wear a Fat Suit?

No, Chrissy Metz does not wear a fat fit to portray the lovable Kate Pearson. The collection creator Dan Fogelman modeled Kate’s character after his sister, Deborah. As soon as Metz auditioned because that the role, she to be surprised by how much she could relate to Kate since the character’s struggle with load was so genuine for the actress. Metz could affix with Kate’s fears and also how she viewed herself. However, pan will ultimately see Metz shedding the pounds together the character’s journey calls for her to.


Chrissy Metz to be well conscious that her role would call for her to shed some weight, but it was not something she to be compelled come do. In one interview with human being in December 2016, Metz clarified, “It wasn’t mandated in the contract, and also I probably — if I ever before said words contract, ns didn’t typical it in that way. I was pitched that the trajectory of Kate is the she’s going to shed weight. That is who and also what’s going on.” Initially, this info got solid reactions from countless fans, but Metz was no bothered by it due to the fact that she experienced it together an opportunity to be healthier.

For the actress, it is no various than one actor changing their hair. She believes that an actor’s job requires them come constantly adjust the method they look and mold themselves into a character. Therefore, shedding weight to be a win-win case for her as it encouraged her to emphasis on healthier living. Chrissy Metz worths the strength of storytelling over everything else. When it comes to conveying an emotion or share the character’s life journey, the does not matter to Metz exactly how she watch on the screen.

The actress does no usually check the monitors since she desires to stay in character and also not be distracted by just how she looks in a scene. Among the reasons why she performance as Kate touch the fans’ mind is that Metz is no afraid of gift vulnerable. She plays the character with such honesty and also sincerity the fans can’t assist but yes, really feel every little thing that Kate is walk through. In the past, Metz has talked about the connection between her weight and her mental health.

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The actress shared that farming up was hard, and also she had actually seen her mom skip meals so the Metz and also her brothers had sufficient to eat. Eventually, food became something the she turn to because that comfort. The gold Globe nominee likewise shared how it to be not easy for she to do a location for herself in the industry as an actress, however she took it in her stride and did not let her dreams get crushed.