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Kanye West agree the Michael Jackson video Vanguard award from Taylor Swift onstage during the 2015 MTV video clip Music Awards in ~ Microsoft theatre in Los Angeles, California. Jeff Kravitz/MTV1415/FilmMagic
In a minute that can give you flashbacks to the funny celebrity gossip component of 2016, the hashtag #KanyeWestIsOverParty is trending on social media best now. The a an answer to 2016’s well known #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty hashtag, and also it clues the recent chapter in the limitless saga of the Taylor Swift vs. Kanye feud.

Because early on Saturday, brand-new footage native the infamous “Famous” phone call call in between the two stars leaked — and it complicates the initial story.

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Here’s the background. Back in February 2016, Kanye exit a new song, “Famous,” that featured a controversial lyric: “I feel prefer me and also Taylor might still have actually sex. / Why? ns made the bitch famous.” He was referencing his scandalous altercation v Taylor in 2009, when Kanye stormed the stage at the MTV VMAs together Taylor embraced an award to announce the it really should have gone come Beyoncé. In 2009, Taylor Swift was already an huge star, yet Kanye was arguing in “Famous” that it to be his doing the Taylor became a household name.

Shortly after ~ the tune released, TMZ reported the Kanye had actually checked v Taylor to make sure she to be cool with the lyric prior to he dropped it, and that she gained the joke and gave him her blessing. But Swift, through her publicist Tree Paine, refuse it. “Kanye go not speak to for approval, but to asking Taylor to release his single ‘Famous’ on she Twitter account,” Paine said the new York Times. “She declined and also cautioned him around releasing a song with such a solid misogynistic message.” She added, “Taylor was never made aware of the really lyric, ‘I made the bitch famous.’”

Kanye, meanwhile, kept that he certainly had checked through Taylor prior to he to reduce the song. Several weeks of controversial back-and-forth ensued, culminating when Taylor winner her 2nd Album of the Year award in ~ the Grammys and also made a very acclaimed accept speech shouting out “all the young females out there” who have actually to attend to “people follow me the means who will try to undercut your success, or take credit for your accomplishments or her fame.” It to be all yet certainly a straight reference to Kanye’s song.

But then Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, adjusted the story. In July 2016, Kim post a series of videos ~ above Snapchat that confirmed Kanye call Taylor approximately ask for she permission to include a verse referencing her in “Famous.” (Kanye, Kim explained, movies himself all the moment for a documentary about his life that plans to do one day.)

In the videos Kim posted to Snapchat, Kanye plainly reads Taylor the line, “I feel choose me and Taylor can still have actually sex,” and asks for her approval. The video clip is reduced together in a way that makes it unclear the Taylor ever before heard the heat “I made the bitch famous,” however they do discuss whether or no Kanye would have had any way of learning that Taylor was already famous in 2009, in a way that makes it show up that in ~ the an extremely least, he’s provided her the gist the the line.

Kanye consistently says the he desires Taylor to it is in happy with the perfect song. We also hear Taylor respond the she appreciates the thought, the she thinks the lyric is “tongue-in-cheek,” and that the would more than likely be an excellent for her public picture to be able to say the she knew around the song ahead the time.

As shortly as the video clip dropped, Taylor Swift haters exploded. Taylor Swift, they declared, was a manipulative, cold-blooded snake and this video clip proved it. #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty trended on social media, and also gleeful observers flooded her accounts with snake emojis.

Taylor approve a declare reiterating that her problem with the track was words “bitch,” i beg your pardon she claimed Kanye never ever told her about. “You don’t gain to regulate someone’s emotional reaction to being called ‘that bitch’ in former of the entirety world,” she wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post.

But her statement did small to calm the frenzy. As far as the broader internet was concerned, Taylor Swift to be canceled.

So Taylor disappeared native public life for a year to wait the end the schadenfreude. She built her next album, 2017’s Reputation, around the idea the she to be “a snake.” and in the newly released Netflix documentary around her life, Miss Americana, she talked around how daunting she uncovered that time to be, together someone who built so lot of her self-identity about the idea of being a great person whom people would like. “When human being decided i was wicked and also evil and conniving and not a great person,” she said to her mom, “that was the one that i couldn’t yes, really bounce earlier from due to the fact that my entirety life to be centered about it.”

Nearly four years later, the new video appears to complicated the story the Kim Kardashian told anyone in 2016. That strongly argues that Taylor was telling the truth around that phone speak to — however that Kanye to be too.

In the brand-new footage, Kanye clearly asks Taylor if she would be interested in debuting “Famous” from she Twitter account, just as Taylor maintained ago in 2016. “You obtained an army. You own a nation of motherfucking 2 exchange rate people, basically,” the says. “If girlfriend felt the it’s funny and also cool and, like, hip-hop, and felt choose The university Dropout and also the artists favor ’Ye that you love, then ns think that people would be, like, method into it.” He argues that he think it would be funny and good for she public picture for she to have the ability to say that she knew about the song ahead of time.

Taylor seems perplexed at the idea the it would certainly make sense for her to relax the song, and when Kanye opens up his key by revealing that it consists of an “extremely controversial line” about her, she sound nervous. “What is it?” she asks. “Is the gonna it is in mean?”

Kanye go on to workshop a couple versions the the heat that became “I feel choose me and also Taylor can still have sex” v her. That starts off with “I feel prefer Taylor Swift can owe me sex,” which renders Taylor laugh and also say, “Well, that’s not mean!” return she notes that the line is “absolutely crazy.”

“I’m glad it’s not mean, though,” she says. “The buildup you gave it, I thought it to be gonna be, like, ‘That stupid dumb bitch.’”

Kanye climate goes on to offer the opportunity of make the line, “I feel favor me and also Taylor could still have sex,” noting that his wife prefers the first version. “The ‘owe’ part,” he says, provides him nervous, because of the opportunity of “some feminist group kind shit.”

“That’s the only thing about that line,” Taylor agrees, “Is that the feminists space gonna come out. But I mean, girlfriend don’t give a fuck, so.”

Later, Kanye asks, “What if, later in the song, i was come say, ‘I made she famous?’”

“It’s just kind the like every little thing at this point,” Taylor says. “You’ve obtained to phone call the story the way it taken place to you and also the means you knowledgeable it.”

Overall, the conversation shows up to fit both Kanye’s and also Taylor’s execution of the story. Kanye does repetitively ask Taylor for her approval that the song, and she go tell the she think it’s funny, simply as Kanye said when it first dropped. And he walk ask Taylor to relax the song on her Twitter account, and she does warn him that it can spark some feminist criticism, just as Taylor claimed in she statement earlier in 2016. Kanye clearly thinks the controversial part of the lyric is once he suggests that they might have sex, i beg your pardon is what he’s came to about, and also Taylor is clearly more worried the he might speak to her a bitch, which he does not mention he plans come do.

For Taylor Swift fans, though, the video clip functions together a repudiation that the stare Kanye and also Kim established ago in 2016. It’s now clear, lock maintain, the Kim and Kanye lied about Taylor okaying the line “I made the bitch famous,” the Taylor was in the ideal all along, and also that Taylor’s 2016 cancellation was just Kanye heaping more undeserved humiliation on Taylor on peak of the travesty of 2009. Hence, it’s now Kanye West who have to be over.

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“My heart division listening to that phone call, the fact that she also picked up the phone and wasted her an important time to listen to that nincompoop speak is simply a testimony to how an excellent a person she is,” tweeted Taylor’s friend and also collaborator Todrick Hall. The added, “The sad component is that I’m certain there will certainly be no apology from that or the millions of civilization who take it those gifs that a conversation & trailer that an really conversation as reality without ever hearing the convo in full.”

What is perhaps much more interesting 보다 the concern of i beg your pardon artist is right, however, is the throughout the conversation, both Taylor and Kanye space hyper-aware of exactly how “Famous” will certainly fit right into their public images. Kanye complains that human being think he’s a bully, and also he wants to make certain this tune doesn’t play into that narrative. Taylor, that at the moment was at height media saturation complying with the relax of 2014’s 1989, notes that “everything that I do becomes a feminist think piece,” and also that “right now, I’m, like, this close come overexposure.”

And in the end, it is the factor Taylor cites because that refusing to launch the tune from her Twitter account: not the idea that it’s misogynistic, but since “if ns launch it, honestly, i think it’ll be less cool.”

Thus far, nobody of the parties affiliated have do a public talk about the brand-new footage.

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