"They want to beat us bad": Chiefs address weekly burden of being in the "crosshairs"The defending AFC champs space 2-3 v the worst defense in the NFL and also must "find a method to stop the bleeding" while getting everyone"s ideal game.

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Mahomes won"t place blame for turnover glutPatrick Mahomes has actually as numerous interceptions in 5 games this season together he walk in every one of 2020, however the Chiefs quarterback isn"t pointing fingers to describe what"s going on.


The agony the the feet: Why turf toe is together a dreaded injury in the NFLA misunderstood and also often dismissed condition, a big toe hyperextension can reason crippling pain v every step, creating mental anguish and also fatigue the take a substantial toll on an athlete. After decades of occurrences, it"s ultimately being bring away seriously.


Which teams have the ideal -- and also worst -- back-up QB situations? us stacked themBackup QBs have actually started 37 gamings through 5 weeks, and also a couple of more will likely acquire the call in main 6. Who room the league"s many reliable and most questionable second-stringers?


Ranking the optimal NFL MVP candidates: can anyone catch Kyler Murray?Who is leading the NFL"s MVP gyeongju through 5 weeks? we rank the top candidates, look at who is climb -- and also falling -- on the board and more.

Updated NFL power Rankings: Bills space No. 1, to add the most boosted player because that every teamCameron Heyward is playing better than ever in Pittsburgh, Cordarrelle Patterson is hitting brand-new heights in Atlanta and Taylor Heinicke has actually stepped increase in Washington.

Source: MCL sprain to sideline Edwards-HelaireChiefs RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire is meant to miss "a few weeks" since of an MCL sprain in his left knee, a source told gendergeek.org"s Adam Schefter.

Let"s overreact to NFL main 5: are the Chiefs in trouble? could Russell Wilson leave the Seahawks in 2022?Kansas City is 2-3 and also in last ar in the AFC West. Seattle"s hurt quarterback might leave if the season goes sideways.

FiveThirtyEight: A Week come Forget because that NFL Kickers(Sara Ziegler, sporting activities editor): If mainly 5 the the NFL season taught united state anything, it"s the "place-kicker" is no a job for the faint of heart.

Bucs currently SB betting favorite after recent KC lossThe Buccaneers are currently the agreement Super bowl favorites at U.S. Sportsbooks after the Chiefs fell to 2-3 v their house loss to the Bills.

Mahomes: need to "reevaluate" together TOs torment ChiefsPatrick Mahomes took responsibility for what"s ailing the 2-3 Chiefs adhering to Sunday night"s loss come the Bills, saying the his recent rash of turnovers is to blame and also that he demands to "reevaluate whereby I"m at, what decisions I"m making."

Josh Allen mirrors out, totals 4 TDs together Bills beat Chiefs at ArrowheadOn Sunday night, the Buffalo Bills faced the Kansas City Chiefs in a return of the AFC location game. Here"s just how Josh Allen led the bills to a convincing win and ensured no table in Buffalo was safe.

Allen, bills beat Chiefs 38-20 in AFC title game rematch— bills quarterback mockery Allen scrambled to the left ~ above the mushy turf in Arrowhead Stadium, witnessed the Chiefs defensive earlier go low for the tackle and made choose an Olympian by leaping end him for a first down.

Chiefs RB Edwards-Helaire (knee) helped offChiefs top rusher Clyde Edwards-Helaire to be ruled out of Sunday night"s game against the bills after sustaining a knee injury in the third quarter.

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Chiefs inactive players for tonight"s game against the Bills: DL chris Jones, TE young name Gray, CB Charvarius Ward, WR Daurice Fountain, OL Austin Blythe, G Laurent Duvernay-Tardif.