The actors of The huge Bang Theory went with a lot through their characters over the food of the show’s 12-season run. Indigenous breakups and also marriages come babies and Nobel prizes, the close-knit group of friends went with it all. That course, the cast also had points going on in their very own lives. This consists of the real-life relationship in between co-stars Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki. The 2 dated for 2 years prior to they referred to as it quits however have remained good friends since. Despite this, the breakup tho came throughout an awkward time in the show’s history.

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Kaley Cuoco recently recalled the her breakup through Johnny Galecki was amicable, however things their personalities – Penny and also Leonard – to be still going solid in their relationship. And also according come Cuoco, Big Bang Theory co-creator and writer chuck Lorre was creating a number of love scenes because that them:

Luckily, Johnny and I come out of that so brilliantly. We"re closer this particular day than we ever were… i remember once we damaged up, obviously it was a tiny sensitive because that a minute, yet I psychic those weeks that Chuck had actually written these episodes where all of a sudden our characters were resting together like every other second.

During her appearance on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast, Cuoco couldn’t help but laugh in ~ the irony that the situation. And when Shepard asked she why Lorre probably did, the actress comment by saying the Lorre likely simply did it come mess through her and also Johnny Galecki, which she says provides her love the producer also more.


Leonard and Penny certainly had some steamy moments (for a sitcom) in The huge Bang Theory, and one have the right to only imagine what it was like for Cuoco and Galecki come play v those episodes. Still, castle are capable actors, and the fact that they’re an excellent friends most likely made things a lot easier.

The relationship in between Leonard and Penny was among the driving pressures of The big Bang Theory, and also it took a number of turns end the series’ run. What started as a friendly relationship in between two next-door neighbors transformed into a loving marriage. Though there to be problems, also after the two tied the knot. One of those problems came when they discussed children, which Leonard wanted and also Penny didn’t. Yet ultimately, in the collection finale, the 2 learned that they to be expecting a child, with both excited around the news.

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Regardless the their personal ups and also downs or those of their characters, it’s quite to check out that the stars that The huge Bang Theory space still close and look ago on the show fondly. I am, however, quiet curious as to why lining Lorre offered Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki so countless love scenes at the moment but, prefer Cuoco said, he may have actually just been having actually some fun with them.