As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, Bachelor nation is in ~ a ns for brand-new content. Luckily because that the franchise, there have been some pretty wild seasons in the past. So, to fill the an are until the shows can start filming again, alphabet has made decision to start airing The Bachelor: The greatest Seasons Ever top top Mondays. The present will attribute a recap of several of the ideal seasons the The Bachelor and Bachelorette with brand-new interviews indigenous the actors members.

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This week, it’s Kaitlyn Bristowe’s love story. Bristowe finished her season through Shawn Booth, however sadly the two did not live happily ever after.


Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe | Taylor Hill/Getty Images

What happened in between Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth?

The human who wins The Bachelorette is supposed to go on to get married come the lead. Bristowe and also Booth were on that track. The two were involved for 3 years. However they eventually dubbed it quits.

“After 3 incredible years, us have chose to walk our separate ways,” the pair stated in a statement. “This complicated decision come after thoughtful, respectful consideration. Even though we are parting as a couple, we’re really much committed to continuing to be friends and we will proceed to assistance each other. As result of the nature of exactly how we met, our partnership has always been really public, and also we have appreciated sharing that with every one of you, but we ask that you respect ours decision and also our privacy in ~ this time.”

Why walk they breakup?

In might of 2019, Bristowe revealed the reason that she and Booth damaged up. Basically, Booth’s feelings simply weren’t as strong as castle should have actually been.

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“Just kidding, he left me,” she said on The LadyGang podcast.

“He didn’t understand why he can not love me,” she said. “I just think the display was too hard for someone to obtain over.”

Kaitlyn move on

Shortly after the breakup, Bristowe started dating Bachelorette alum Jason Tartick, which yes, really upset Booth.

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“I’m simply trying to figure it all out and also sit through my emotions and figure the end what I’m feeling,” he said on the virtually Famous podcast once news an initial broke that Bristowe was in a new relationship. “You know? i think the old Shawn would have ignored everything…But now as I gain a little bit older, I’m do the efforts to figure out what hurts, why that hurts, and also kind of occupational through it.”

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For Bristowe, on the other hand, moving on wasn’t quite as hard.

“When i was v Shawn, i knew what i wanted and I knew what i deserved,” she claimed in one interview through Cosmopolitan. “I additionally knew i was happy on my own. I think that’s what make the shift out that the relationship right into doing my very own thing a tiny easier—I feel empowered. I was concerned to day again only due to the fact that people monitor me, and I didn’t recognize when it to be too soon to re-superstructure something.

“But I check out a therapist and also am constantly functioning on myself. I will certainly actually give a lot of credit come the show for digging deep right into who ns was and what I’ve been through in relationships and also what ns want. You simply learn a lot around yourself with that process.”