Russell Wilson has not been happy in Seattle.

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In current weeks, the Seahawks superstar signal caller has actually publicly aired his frustrations with the organization about getting hit too much. Wilson has also expressed a desire come be an ext involved in the team decision-making, yet the 32-year-old has actually not request a trade.

His agent, however, has actually come out publicly through a perform of four teams Wilson would consider in a scenario whereby the franchise and star QB component ways. One of those teams, the Chicago Bears, room expected to at the very least “take their shot,” as ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported.

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Of course us preface this with if as the scenario is an extremely hypothetical at this point, but if the Seahawks to be to wheel and deal Wilson, that would replace him?

NBC Sports’ Mike Florio laid the end a list of options including signing a cost-free agent like cam Newton or Jameis Winston. Even Jimmy Garoppolo if the was reduced by the 49ers. But one of the more intriguing surname Florio threw out has been a complimentary agent quarterback because that years. 

Could the Seahawks take a gamble and bring in Colin Kaepernick?

“There’s something rather the Seahawks can do, if they trade Wilson,” Florio said. “They might finally give Colin Kaepernick (who is only one year older than Wilson) a full and also fair workout, undeterred by the opportunity that Kaepernick would certainly divide the locker room ~ above the inquiry of even if it is he or Wilson need to play. (In 2017, given the lingering existence of veterans that resented Wilson, that was a an extremely real possibility.)”

It"s definitely an attractive idea considering the Seahawks’ reported interest in the former 49ers quarterback in 2017. Kaepernick ended up being a cost-free agent in in march 2017 ~ opting out v the 49ers, his only visit with a team came in May, and it was with the Seahawks.

Ultimately, the Seahawks decided not to authorize Kaepernick because the two parties were too far apart top top money. Coach Pete Carroll defined the former 49ers star as an NFL starting-caliber player.

"He"s a starter in this league," the said. "We have a starter, but he is a starter in this league, and I can"t imagine someone won"t give him a possibility to play.

The Seahawks were attached to Kaepernick again in 2018 after ~ releasing Trevone Boykin following his arrest ~ above a domestic violence charge.

Last year, Carroll stated he desire the team could have discovered a means to authorize him earlier in 2017 or 2018.

“I regret that that didn’t take place in some fashion,’’ Carroll stated of not signing Kaepernick. “I great we would certainly have contributed to it since he deserved to play...

I great we can have figured the out discovering what we know now and also given him the chance since I would love to check out him pat for every those years.’

The Seahawks are the just team known to have talked to him since 2016. Over his NFL career, Kaepernick threw for 12,271 yards, 72 touchdowns, and also 30 interceptions. He additionally rushed for 2,300 yards and also 13 touchdowns.

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A lot has changed since Kaepernick became the very first NFL player to kneel throughout the anthem in protest of social injustice and police brutality. Because then, NFL players have actually joined in protest over the deaths the George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others. 

Seattle may have missed the note on Kaepernick in 2017, yet he is absolutely someone the Seahawks should at least contact in because that a workout should Wilson and the team component ways this offseason.