NBC"s Mike Florio provides financial understanding into Colin Kaepernick"s new contract with the 49ers:

Technically, the deal has actually $61 million guaranteed, also though $6 million of the guarantee salary might evaporate (more on the later). Either way, only $13.073 million is guaranteed at signing. It come in the kind of a $12.328 million signing bonus, a basic salary of $645,000, and also a workout bonus that $100,000.

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For 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and part of 2018, the basic salaries space guaranteed only for injury. ~ above April 1 of each year, the guarantees convert from injury only to completely guaranteed. That offers the 49ers the capability to decide, in any given year, to move on indigenous Kaepernick. And with the deadline because that the conversion of the guarantee comes on April 1, the 49ers have the right to squat top top his civil liberties until several weeks after the begin of complimentary agency, making it harder for him to obtain paid elsewhere.


As one resource put it, Kaepernick have the right to feel good about the deal because he has actually a lot more guaranteed money this particular day than he had actually yesterday. But the same source also added that the 49ers are however “thrilled” through the contract, which enables them to manage Kaepernick’s rights for 7 years and to move on after any kind of of the following six seasons, if they at some point decide that Kaepernick is much more like the male who struggled in ~ times during the 2013 consistent season and less prefer the man who uncovered the gas pedal in the playoffs.

 John Middlekauff of CSN offered an agent"s take on the deal:

Original Text

The mountain Francisco 49ers have officially made decision on Colin Kaepernick as their quarterback that the future, signing the dynamic young signal-caller to a contract expansion through 2020 ~ above Wednesday.

The 49ers released a statement about the extension:

The san Francisco 49ers have actually signed quarterback Colin Kaepernick to a six-year contract expansion through the 2020 season.

“Colin’s difficult work and also dedication have actually played an integral function in the recent success that the 49ers organization,” stated 49ers general manager Trent Baalke. “His work-related ethic, leadership and on-field production have positively influenced our team, and also we look forward to his continued growth in every areas. 

“Our organization always looks to reward our players for their contributions and commitment to the team. Colin’s agents, Scott Smith and Jason Bernstein, together with Paraag Marathe and Brian Hampton, need to be commended for working diligently to with an agreement.

The 49ers pass along Kaepernick"s comment on the contract:

Bay Area Sports male was the very first to report the deal:

CSN just Area"s Matt Maiocco reports Kaepernick can earn approximately a staggering $126 million with the new deal:


SportsCenter reported financial information on the contract, revealing an also greater figure than the $100 million figure Schefter originally provided:

ESPN"s Trey Wingo place the numbers into perspective:

NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport provides an ext details:

Rapoport originally reported on Feb. 22 that the 2 sides met to comment on terms of a brand-new deal end dinner:

This coming 2014 season marks the last of Kaepernick"s initial rookie contract, which was a four-year deal worth $5.12 million for the former second-round (No. 36 overall) pick, per Spotrac.com.

The brand-new deal is a enormous increase from that amount come say the least, however it"s also one that can diminish the Niners" really hopes of structure a better roster or bordering Kaepernick with premium offensive weapons. Having a QB signed to a cheap deal—like the Seattle Seahawks have actually with Russell Wilson—opens the door for significant free-agent signings elsewhere. 

Rapoport reported on in march 3 that Kaepernick was demanding $18.2 million every season in his brand-new deal—on par through the contract of Chicago bear QB Jay Cutler and Tony Romo that the Dallas Cowboys—per NFL.com"s chris Wesseling. V that lot money at stake, the Niners thus needed to decide whether they thought about him ~ above the level of a franchise quarterback.

Fox sporting activities Live provided a glimpse in ~ the greatest salaries in ~ Kaepernick"s position, and the list argues that he may well warrant a comparable investment:

It renders sense if san Francisco had actually some reservations about Kaepernick towards the start of negotiations—especially with his gaudy demands—considering this previous season to be his first as a full time starter. After ~ unseating Alex smith in 2012 and also leading the team come Super key XLVII, the 2013 project saw Kaepernick endure an extended slump and some cultivation pains together he continued to add polish to his game.

Kaepernick threw because that an remarkable 412 yards and also three touchdowns in a week 1 win over the eco-friendly Bay Packers, yet the walk got much tougher thereafter. Accuracy and also consistent footwork were issues the 26-year-old had to struggle through and push to improve.

What aided Kaepernick"s cause was his explosive athleticism and also breathtaking eight talent. Those elements enabled him to continue making plays—enough come the point where his confidence continued to be steady and got the Niners come the NFC Championship video game for the third year in a row.

San Francisco shed to the eventual Super bowl champion Seahawks, 23-17, v Kaepernick accounting for 3 fourth-quarter turnovers. That"s not what a franchise QB have to do, however the organization was smart no to let that skew its judgment in assessing Kaepernick"s irreversible value.

That Seahawks defense befuddled the likes the Denver Broncos legend Peyton Manning as Seattle go on come seize the Lombardi Trophy. Quarterbacks frequently shoulder the majority of the blame, however Kaepernick"s absence of ball protection versus Seattle wasn"t completely composed the unforced errors.

ESPN.com"s bill Williamson to trust Kaepernick is mountain Francisco"s best player, which, offered the depth that talent top top the Niners roster, speaks volumes:

Former NFL quarterback and also current Niners head coach Jim Harbaugh do the bold move to bench Smith for Kaepernick in the very first place, yet was the topic of exciting rumors throughout the offseason. Harbaugh to be reportedly pursued by the Cleveland Browns in a potential trade, yet he refuse it, per ESPN"s Ed Werder:

It"s important that Harbaugh stays roughly to continue grooming Kaepernick. If that happens, this contract expansion should prove to be a fruitful investment by basic manager Trent Baalke and Co. Kaepernick is just start to realize his potential and has even more room to grow in regards to decision-making, handling the complexities the the offense and reading defenses.

The nice part about this violation is that it is based on a strong rushing attack, i m sorry Kaepernick contributes to. The sets up an excellent opportunities for vertical shots down the field, something the Kaepernick can capitalize on through his previously mentioned sensational arm.

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With this vote of confidence from the franchise, look for Kaepernick to proceed improving, eventually establishing himself as a truly elite, new-age quarterback with the mobility to scare defenses top top the ground and the savvy to devastate them from the pocket.