Even prior to allegations the a failed drug test emerged, Justify"s 2018 Triple Crown victory had currently faced its same share of heat.

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The Bob Baffert-trained colt, who was retirement after winning the 2018 Belmont Stakes and also now charges up to $150,000 for a mating session, fail a drug test weeks prior to the 2018 Kentucky Derby, according to a report Wednesday native the new York Times. The California steed Racing board then hidden the case and lightened the punish for steeds who test hopeful for scopolamine, the drug reportedly detected in Justify"s system.

That report, as one might imagine, increased eyebrows across the broad world that sports. Yet it isn"t the first time a win by Justify has actually come with a little controversy.

Background:Justify apparently failed a medicine test weeks prior to the Kentucky Derby

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Justify and jockey Mike Smith came in come the 2018 Kentucky Derby as the morning-line favorite but didn"t specifically silence the doubters ~ winning the race at Churchill Downs.

The 2018 operation for the Roses stands as the rainiest Derby in history, through at the very least 2.83 customs of rain falling end the food of that Saturday. That crushed a 100-year-old record set in 1918, i beg your pardon 2.31 inches of rain dropped on the work Exterminator winner the 44th running of the Derby.

Justify went off at 3-1 odds, the finest of the field, and also won the race through a time that 2:04.20, the slowest winning time since Super Saver"s win in 2010. Now, obviously it"s most likely that win time would have been quicker in an ext favorable conditions, however the favourite rumbling come a 2½-length success didn"t accumulate a lot of confidence amongst some people.

Take a look in ~ the replay.

The fog didn"t stop the well-lubricated fans at Pimlico from having a an excellent time. However it also didn"t assist Justify, that won by a half-length and had several equines within a length of him at the end up line, make the instance that he was the following Secretariat. Examine out the replay, and don"t adjust your screen.

But after ~ the Belmont Stakes, Justify"s movie critics felt, well, justified.

With the sunlight shining in new York, Justify rolled to a win in the race and also was hailed together Baffert"s second Triple Crown winner. Yet critics accused 37-1 longshot Restoring Hope, another Baffert-trained equine in the race, of blocking other steeds who hope to an obstacle Justify.

Restoring hope spent lot of the race in second place, toward the front of the pack but behind Justify, before dropping back after the horses reached the final turn, whereby Justify had a somewhat comfortable lead. Justify beat out the 10-horse field and won through 1¾ lengths, while Restoring hope finished eighth.

Column native 2018:Did justify have help from an additional Belmont horse? No way.

Mike Repole, co-owner of two horses in the race, told the brand-new York post that Restoring Hope was blocking for Justify and also that he spent the gyeongju running more like "an offensive lineman than a racehorse do the efforts to success the Belmont.”

Horse racing analyst Randy Moss at one allude said Restoring Hope was "sort of running interference a small bit,” to keep Justify free at the former of the track though he included the tactic is "perfectly legal."

Jockey man Velazquez, who was plank Vino Rosso in the race, had some inquiries of his own about Restoring Hope.

"Why would certainly you send a horse that breaks bad and also take anyone out, then come back in?” Velazquez said. “That’s his job, to protect the various other horse and it operated for them. You have to offer it to them.”

Fair or foul? check out the replay yourself.

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