First presented by trailblazing broadcaster and also show creator Barbara Walters together "somebody who's done virtually everything and also will say almost anything" top top the Season 1 premiere that The View, co-host Joy Behar has seen plenty of discussions unfold during her 25-year-long tenure ~ above the show.

An above presenter and also comedian, delight has worked alongside hosts choose Whoopi Goldberg, Meghan McCain, and also many others. So, room the latest rumors noþeles to walk by? did she gain fired indigenous The view in 2013?

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On a current episode of The View that aired on Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021, Joy, Whoopi, and Sara Haines showed up in a segment alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short.

Just as Martin was about to complete telling a story about how he learned to usage Photoshop (he want to make his grandmother look nicer), delight tried come tease him by saying he was "perverted." come clap back, martin reminded joy that that wasn't the one who gained fired indigenous The View.


"What's your point? at least, ns wasn't fired by The View, was I?" boy name said.

"I was, i really was," happiness admitted.

Joy originally told 'Deadline' that she left 'The View' to focus on her standup.

Joy's leave from The watch was announced on march 7, 2013. She left the display after Season 16 came to an end in respectable 2013. She returned to the show in 2015, simply in time for Season 19.

"It seemed choose the ideal time," she said Deadline in march 2013. "You with a allude when you say to yourself, 'Do I desire to store doing this?' over there are various other things on mine plate I want to execute — I've been composing a play, I've to be neglecting my standup."

After Martin quick makes a joke around photoshopping photos of his grandma to make her "look hot," joy Behar calls the "perverted."Short: "Sure. What's your point? At the very least I wasn't fired by The View!"

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"I have actually a most friends The View>," happiness added. "I will miss out on everyone I've functioned with since we have actually a household there."

Despite the conversational ton of the interview, delight didn't go into further details around what had happened or why she got to the decision to quit the talk show. The producers played it mysterious too.

"Joy Behar has actually been important in the success the The watch from the very beginning," the producer of The view shared at the moment in a statement to Entertainment Tonight. "We great her every the best in this following chapter, and also are thrilled that we have actually her because that the remainder of the season."

Joy shared further details about the topic in various other interviews. Together she hinted throughout a conversation through WBAZ (via Entertainment Weekly), the decision was likely made through a higher-up who was passionate to move up a few things.

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"I think that someone … ns can't cite names … do the decision to change the show for part reason. So Elisabeth Hasselbeck and also I both had actually to leave," delight said. "There to be a decision made at part level … ns really am no at liberty to say who or why due to the fact that I don't recognize 100 percent the reality of that."

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