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The Bachelorette couple aren’t stop anything earlier on their brand-new Kin Networkweb series, Engaged with JoJo and Jordan, and also Tuesday’s episode is no exception. ET has actually an exclusive very first look in ~ the episode, in i m sorry Fletcher cries when recalling one particular fight that nearly ended their relationship.

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As the Texas-based actual estate developer reveals, her and Rodgers’ partnership was smooth sailing before he popped the inquiry on the season finale the The Bachelorette in 2016. “I don’t think the genuine difficulties began until ~ the final rose,” she says. “That’s when things really blew up for us, and also we didn’t know exactly how to prepare for that.”

It started with a big tabloid claiming the Rodgers to be cheating ~ above Fletcher, every while they were moving into a new home with each other in Dallas. “I don’t understand if I constantly shared v you exactly how it made me feel, because I think there to be a part of me the was scared the he would get mad at me,” Fletcher confesses.

Former 'Bachelorette' JoJo Fletcher has Baby fever -- but It's no What friend Think! (Exclusive)

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Former 'Bachelorette' JoJo Fletcher has actually Baby fever -- but It's no What you Think! (Exclusive)

“It became a fight,” Rodgers says.

“A large fight, a blowout fight,” Fletcher confirms.

“We didn’t know just how to connect with each other, and our feelings room both obtaining hurt. There’s tabloids around me, therefore I’m acquiring defensive, and also hurt. And then I’m like, ‘Why space you believing that?’ We’re just obtaining to understand each other, so a most times, unfortunately, ns think we kind of held in those feelings,” Rodgers shares. “And the was terrible.”

The pair finally came together when Fletcher reached her breaking point.

“Not having your family and also not having actually your friends, and also feeling like you don’t have each other, you feeling so alone. I simply said, ‘Listen, i feel alone right now. And also I require you, and I need us,’” Fletcher recalls, breaking into tears. “And i guess not having actually anyone led me to ago to you, and got united state to speak again and also communicate.

“I’m so glad that we were may be to gain through it, but it was hard. That was yes, really hard,” she adds.

Watch below.

It"s been over 2 years due to the fact that fans watched Fletcher and also Rodgers get engaged on TV, and also while they might not it is in thinking around marriage just yet, they"re absolutely in it because that the lengthy haul. Fletcher opened up come ET around how her and also Rodgers" connection had progressed last August, a year after she Bachelorette season finale.

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" for this reason much," Fletcher confessed. "I was informing Becca the various other day, i feel prefer I"ve acquired to the allude where it"s to be a little over a year because our finale, and I look back and our relationship has actually grown right into something so much stronger and an ext beautiful 보다 I think we also expected come happen. It"s simply awesome. We obtain each other, our partnership is good, I"m really happy."

See an ext on Fletcher and Rodgers in the video clip below, and also join ET"s Bachelor nation Facebook team here.


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