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Disney's The Lion King is prompting questions even as it's raking in massive quantities of cash because that Disney. Among them is why Jason Weaver only offers Young Simba's singing voice in the initial 1994 version.

"The only reason why ns wasn't the speak voice as well for young Simba is because the producers and also director that Lion King had no idea at the moment what ns would bring to the project," Weaver defined to Shadow and also Act.

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At this allude in his career, Weaver to be a kid actor who had actually just acquired his break playing a young Michael Jackson in The Jacksons: an American Dream miniseries. If the wasn't because that Elton John—who had actually been tapped to carry out the movie's initial songs—Weaver most likely wouldn't have actually made the cut. 

"A the majority of the reason I was there is since Elton vouched for me," Weaver continued. "I had actually literally simply finished filming The Jacksons and also two days later on I sang 'I just Can't Wait to it is in King' in a record session."

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After wowing the studio through his singing, Weaver states that directors i get it Allers and Rob Minkoff did sell him the speaking roles however they had currently inked your contract through Home Improvement's Jonathan Taylor Thomas. 

"They actually did market me the duty and the director also called business affairs at Disney and also was prefer 'Yo, did us close the end our contract v Jonathan Taylor Thomas? since I think we desire to do the market to Jason Weaver for the speak roles,'" Weaver recalls. "And company affairs got earlier to him and was prefer 'Nah, we literally simply closed the deal.'"

Despite barely lacking out top top the speak roles, Weaver claims that he was "content" through the signing gig.

"Disney is taking good care the me as it relates come this project," Weaver states. "So I give thanks to Disney for that."