Jonathan Morris announces his engagement ~ above "The Story"

Fox News contributor Jonathan Morris shares how his life has adjusted since leaving the priesthood.

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Fox News contributor Jonathan Morris, a former Catholic priest, join "The Story" Thursday to discuss his engagement to alphabet News producer Kaitlyn Folmer.

"I"m so grateful to God," claimed Morris, who announced in might 2019 that he had asked Pope Francis to relax him fromhis priestly vows. "God"s plans are mysterious. And also I"m so thankful to the church the there"s a process by i m sorry the holy Father, Pope Francis, has actually granted me a dispensation."


On June 10, 2019, Morris appeared on "The Story" to comment on his decision. At the time, hold Martha MacCallum request him, "Is there somebody that you room leaving the church for?"

"No, there"s not," Morrisanswered. "There"s nobody that I have in mind for marriage. Over there is no existing relationship. Ns am starting off appropriate now just waiting to hear what God desires of me and I"m going come go really slowly, professionally and personally, and also I trust that God will certainly lead me."

"Just a few days after the interview," Morris called MacCallum Thursday, "I visited lunch v Kaitlyn professionally. Ns was in brand-new York and I had actually met her professionally before. A month after that, us went the end to dinner. I guess girlfriend would speak to that a date.

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Morris said Pope Francis had actually "recognized the it just wasn"t the best thing because that me. And he stated not only go forward, complimentary from that responsibility of her priestly vows, but be an energetic voice for the church as a lay person, and also that"s what I"m going come do."

He explained his an individual journey together "very strange, however it"s been beautiful."

"Life is full of changes, girlfriend know, both professionally and personally now, huge changes," Morris said. "But I"m just an extremely happy that God has actually been by my next this totality time. I"m thankful for the 17 years as a priest in the to adjust of all the world I was able to serve."


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