Johnny Depp failed to overturn a ruling that permitted The sun to label him a "wife-beater" after ~ Amber Heard"s residential abuse allegations versus him

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Amber Heard is explaining the poignancy that re-wearing a dress in irradiate of her ex-husband Johnny Depp's "wife-beater" libel case defeat.

On Monday, Heard posted 2 photos top top Instagram in i m sorry she's seen wearing the same black dress. The first is from when she filed residential abuse allegations versus Depp in 2016, in i beg your pardon a bruise is visible on she face. The 2nd shot shows Heard once again wearing the dress last summer, however this time it was on the job Depp shed his libel case against U.K.'s The Sun, which had actually labeled the a "wife-beater" in a published article.

"One dress, 4 years apart. Periodically it's essential to stay the exact same thing twice," Heard, 34, wrote.

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The article came work after Depp, 57, shed his appeal come overturn the judgment on the case. In a written judgment handed down by the Court of very nice in London, judges lord Justice Underhill and Lord justice Dingemans refuse the actor's application for a fresh trial on the grounds that a 2nd hearing to be unlikely to produce a different outcome.

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"The case was based upon a story in The Sun alleging that he had actually beaten his former wife, Amber Heard. After a three-week attempt in the High Court last year, in which both Mr. Depp and Ms. Heard gave evidence, Mr. Justice Nicol uncovered that the allegation to be true," the review read.

After the court's judgment was made, Heard post a declare on Instagram, saying, "We space pleased — however by no way surprised — by the Court's rejection of Mr. Depp's application for appeal. The evidence presented in the UK instance was overwhelming and undeniable. Come reiterate, the initial verdict was the Mr. Depp committed residential violence against Amber top top no fewer 보다 12 occasions and also she to be left in fear of she life. The verdict and also lengthy, well-reasoned Judgment, including the Confidential Judgment, have been affirmed. Mr. Depp's insurance claim of brand-new and vital evidence was nothing more than a push strategy, and also has been soundly garbage by the Court."