Johnny and also June Carter Cash space often taken into consideration to be the most iconic couple in nation music history.

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Because the that, many civilization forget or just don’t recognize that Johnny to be married when before, and also now his first wife’s story is ultimately being heard.

Vivian Liberto married Johnny on respectable 7, 1954, after ~ spending 3 years trading letters with him if he remained in the armed forces and stationed in Germany. The couple went on to have 4 daughters together, Rosanne, Kathy, Cindy, and Tara.


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But the marriage was much from a happy one, and Vivian filed because that divorce in 1966, after simply 12 years of marriage. Although Vivian passed far in 2005, her new publication called I go The Line: mine Life v Johnny, tells she story.

Vivian states the two main things that damaged her marriage to Johnny to be “drugs and also June Carter,” more so June than the drugs.

She says that “everything, and I mean everything, started to autumn apart,” as soon as they lived in a house in Casitas Springs indigenous 1961-1967. That is as soon as Johnny obtained the many out of regulate with drugs and also alcohol, was arrested, and even accidentally collection a woodland fire.

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As horrible as every one of that to be to Vivian, she stated June to be her main worry, since Johnny to be on the road with her a lot. Vivian cases that the way Johnny and June were shown in the famous movie Walk The Line is every wrong, that June was in reality the one to chase after Johnny.

In the book, Vivian refers to June by saying, “This mrs was a risk to my family.”

Vivian likewise claims that one time when she encountered June backstage, she told she “Vivian, he will certainly be mine.”

Johnny and Vivian’s daughter Cindy agrees through her mother, speak it to be June who pursued her father, no the other means around.

Once June came along, she relentlessly — well, she want Dad and also she was going to acquire him,” claims Cindy. “And she did. She do herself really available, to wherein he sought her back.”

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Vivian provides further insurance claims that June helped support Johnny’s addiction by offering him drugs, and that June was in reality an addict together well. in spite of these claims, Vivian’s girlfriend say that she doesn’t action hostile towards June in the book.

After her divorce, Vivian go on to marry Ventura police officer dick Distin in 1968, and also she to be an active and much-loved member of the community, getting involved in the Garden Club and doing volunteer work.

She really had the love of a saint and also the wisdom of a queen,” states one Ventura resident named Katrina Plate. “I’ve truly never met a nicer person.”

Vivian passed far in may 2005 when she was 71 year old, quickly after she perfect up the manuscript for she book.

In the book, Vivian confesses that she never quit loving Johnny, and she regrets that she didn’t try harder to save their marriage, saying I should have actually been non-saw at saving it, together relentless as June to be at ruining it.”

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According come Cindy, all her mother ever wanted to be “to finally, lastly have a voice,” when it concerned what happened between her and also Johnny. Vivian’s new book has allowed her to have the voice she sought after so many years.

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You deserve to read the full short article on what Vivian has to say about Johnny, their marriage, and also June here.