After Joker, it would certainly be difficult to disagree that Joaquin Phoenix is among the best actors functioning today.

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Just when you believed comic-book movies had actually done the all, this come along…

It’s been an explosive year for fans of superhero cinema. We’ve had actually Spider-Man: far From Home blend the teen-comedy perfectly with the normal comic-book fare, but let’s confront it, the large event to be Avengers: Endgame. The fourth instalment in the Avengers collection is now the highest-grossing film ever made and sat atop many’s ideal of the year lists upon an initial viewing. 

However, Todd Phillips’ disturbing beginning story has knocked the MCU epic off the optimal spot of plenty of lists. Also when the very first trailer to be released, it to be clear that this wasn’t your everyday comic-book movie, lot like The Dark Knight wasn’t. However, this is also darker and also far much more unsettling than Nolan’s take. Joaquin Phoenix stars at the center of this divisive personality study, informing the tale of Arthur Fleck, quickly to it is in Joker. 

Many thought that heath Ledger’s iconic take would never ever be topped, yet Joaquin genuinely has audiences split! 


The one-and-only Joaquin Phoenix 

The 44-year-old American actor has impressed us on so plenty of occasions. 

CoreySotomayor) October 6, 2019


Joaquin Phoenix’s lip

After heather Ledger’s portrayal, we have tendency to associate the character v scars; “Know just how I got these scars?”

However, the mark on Joaquin Phoenix’s upper lip is his own and not apart of the Joker character. According to daily Health, he was born through an identifiable mark in between his nose and lip which is actually a microform slit – this is the mildest kind of slot lip.

The same source notes the it tends to appears as a scar or notch, thus why plenty of have wondered even if it is it’s a actual scar. The actually shows up early into pregnancy, and also they also highlight that 6,800 babies in America room born with some type of cleft lip every year.

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A 2009 study – found in the newspaper of Craniofacial surgery – says that milder forms of slot lip prefer Joaquin’s take place a tiny later in the labial formation. Over there you have it!

Joaquin Phoenix attends the 57th new York film Festival – “Joker” Intro and Q&A at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln center on October 02, 2019 in new York City.

Twitter talks

As you’d expect, the attracted attention on society media. One Twitter user wrote: “Me and also Joaquin Phoenix have actually a lip scar practically in the very same spots…”

Another added: “Joaquin Phoenix has the sexiest lip scar I’ve ever before seen,” while an additional fan newly joked: “Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker: ‘Want to know how I obtained this scar? i was born through a microform cleft, a mild form of a cleft lip’.” it is one means of explaining it.