Easily the many iconic nation music romantic of every time, Johnny Cash and June Carter had actually a love story that transcended time, addiction, and the highs and lows the fame. Indigenous performing struggle crossover songs ("Jackson"), to inspiring an Oscar-caliber movie around their relationship, Johnny Cash and June Carter stay to this day one of the many famous and celebrated relationships of the 20th century. However it wasn"t always smooth sailing—both Cash and Carter overcame an individual hurtles and industry obstacles that can have prevented your being together. Check out on because that a look at at their romance.


Country singer June Carter was a celebrity in her own right and would go on come wed among the most celebrated country musicians of all time.

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June Carter

Born in Maces Springs, Virginia on June 23rd, 1929, Valerie June Carter to be a musician born and bred. The daughter the Ezra and also Maybelle Carter, her mother played through the successful country and also folk team the Carter family with June"s uncle A.P. Carter and his mam Sara due to the fact that 1927—by the moment she was ten, small June was also contributing her voice come the band.

In the 1940s June, along with her mother and also her two sisters, Helen and also Anita, formed the act mom Maybelle and the Carter sister (intermittently billed merely as the Carter Sisters) traveling the country, play radio shows, and also eventually joining the actors of the national country music showcase the grand Ole Opry.

It was with the Opry the June met honky-tonk singer Carl Smith, who she married in 1952. With each other the two would have one daughter, Carlene, who would herself become a successful country musician.


Johnny Cash would attain fame not only for his music but likewise his top romance v June Carter.
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Johnny Cash

J.R. Cash was born in Cleveland County,Arkansas top top February 26, 1932. Cash would later on take ~ above the name man at the insistence of one Air force recruiter that would not accept just initials (J.R. Was supposedly a compromise in between his parents who can not agree ~ above a name), though Sun documents founder Sam Phillips is typically credited through adapting it to "Johnny."

His young life to be marred by tragedy when his larger brother, Jack, who Cash admired died in an commercial accident while sawing wood as soon as Johnny to be 12. According to Cash"s sister, he aided dig his brother"s dig on the morning of the funeral and stood with the organization covered in dirt. Cash was said to have never been entirely the very same after the incident.

In 1950, Cash i graduated from high school, acquisition on a variety of short ax jobs before ultimately authorized the air Force. Shortly prior to he shipped out to Germany in 1951, that met Vivian Liberto in ~ a roller rink in san Antonio, setup off a whirlwind romance. Throughout Cash"s service, the 2 exchanged an huge volume of letters, and when he went back to the claims in 1954, lock married. Together they would certainly go on come have 4 daughters; Rosanne, Kathy, Cindy and Tara.

The newlyweds relocated to Memphis where Cash briefly sold appliances before his brother Roy presented him come guitarists Luther Perkins and also Marshall Grant, who would go on to end up being Cash"s backup players together the Tennessee Two.

After introducing himself come Phillips in 1955, Cash played among his initial songs, “Hey Porter,” i beg your pardon interested the producer sufficient that that asked to create a sad tune to pair through it. The aspiring songwriter apparently went home and wrote the song “Cry, Cry, Cry,” in 15 minutes. It was tape-recorded in May and issued with “Porter"; the start of Cash"s roadway to fame.

Cash and also Carter met at the grand Ole Opry

In July 1956, Johnny Cash do his debut ~ above the grand Ole Opry stage. He had actually recently exit the track "I to walk the Line" i beg your pardon had end up being a then-rare crossover hit v fans the both pop and also country. Singer Carl Smith invited Cash come the show, but it to be a backstage development that would certainly make the biggest impact on Cash—one to Smith"s wife, June Carter.

“I’ve constantly wanted to accomplish you,” Cash, who had grown up listening to June perform with her family, reportedly told her.

Carter, fresh off a tour through Cash"s girlfriend and modern-day Elvis Presley, supposedly responded, “I feel choose I recognize you already."

“I can’t remember noþeles else we talked about, except his eyes,” June Carter composed in the notes on Cash’s 2000 crate set, Love, God, Murder. “Those black color eyes the shone favor agates… He had a command the his performance the I had actually never before. Simply a guitar and a bass and a gentle kind of visibility that made not only me, but whole audiences end up being his followers.”


They began touring together

By the at an early stage 1960s, Carter to be touring v Cash frequently as a backup singer, duet partner, and entertainer. She had already divorced native Carl Smith, yet was now married to a police officer called Edwin Nix, through whom she would certainly have an additional daughter, Rosie, who additionally became a nation musician.

Both Carter and Cash would stay married to their spouses until 1966 and 1967 respectively (Vivian filed for divorce in 1966 yet it was not granted until later on the adhering to year.)

Despite the truth that your romance come to be something the a country music fairytale, the couple was fairly circumspect transparent the years regarding the beginning of your relationship.

“I never ever talked much around how I fell in love with John,” Carter Cash called Rolling Stone in 2000. “It was not a convenient time because that me to autumn in love v him, and also it wasn’t a practically time for him to fall in love v me. ... I was frightened of his way of life. Ns thought, I can’t autumn in love with this man, however it’s similar to a ring that fire.”

It to be this believed that motivated her to co-write Cash"s hit track “Ring that Fire” with Merle Kilgore. (The track was initially released together a single by Carter"s sisters Anita prior to being tape-recorded by Cash in 1963.)

Cash attributed Carter v helping him gain sober

Thought the 1960s Cash famously encountered a serious addiction to drugs and also alcohol. His marital relationship was not correct under his constant absences, infidelities, and also addictions and he was recognized to cancel or simply miss concert appearances.


He was, in the course of his life, arrested seven times, though in spite of his outlaw reputation he never ever spent any far-reaching time in jail. Many of his offenses were pertained to drugs or alcohol, consisting of a 1965 arrest ~ Cash overcome the border from Texas to Juarez, Mexico and was captured returning with over 1,000 amphetamine tablet computers in his possession. That same year he also accidentally set fire to a part of the Los Padres National woodland in California near when his camper caught fire, burning thousands of acres the forest and also killing plenty of of the region"s intimidated California condors. That was sued by the federal federal government for the crime, coming to be the very first person ever before sued by the U.S. Federal government for beginning a forest fire.

While Carter was herself, allegedly taking care of addiction issues (according come her boy John Carter Cash"s 2007 publication Anchored in Love: The Life and also Legacy of June Carter Cash) Cash did credit her with helping him toward recovery. The renowned story that told had him wandering into a cave on the Tennessee River ready to die just to find God and return native the cavern to uncover June and also his mommy waiting with open up arms. Cash stated that was the day that he swore turn off pills, back Robert Hilburn"s 2013 biography of the singer points the end that that the cave in question would have been flooded at the time.

They married in 1968

Though they remained circumspect throughout your lives about precisely when and how they gained together, Cash proposed come Carter on stage at the London Ice house in front of a group of 7,000 in February 1968. Castle married just a few weeks later.

Together the two ongoing in fruitful music careers for plenty of years, sharing grammy awards in 1967 and 1970 in enhancement to their individual awards (2 solo Grammys for Carter and 11 for Cash, consisting of a lifetime accomplishment award.) They also helmed The Johnny Cash Show, a TV selection show featuring music guests favor Bob Dylan and also Kris Kristofferson between 1969-1971.

Their just child together, john Carter Cash, was born in 1970. He would go on to end up being a musician and also music producer in his very own right.

The pair remained with each other for the rest of your lives, passing away a scant 4 months apart: Carter in may 2003, Cash that September. Throughout that time they continued to be an above music love story.

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“You tho fascinate and inspire me. You affect me for the better. You’re the thing of my desire, the #1 Earthly factor for mine existence,” Cash wrote to his wife on her 65th birthday. “We got old and got offered to each other. Us think alike. We read each rather minds. We know what the other wants without asking. Periodically we wake up each other a tiny bit. Maybe periodically we take it each other for granted. However once in a while, prefer today, ns meditate ~ above it and realize how lucky ns am to share my life with the greatest woman I ever before met.”

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