When it pertains to teen love stories, Grease certainly ranks amongst the peak ones. Based on a musical of the exact same name, it’s a feel-good movie that’s adored because that its storyline and full-on song and dance sequences.

In the time due to the fact that its release, Grease has gained plenty that fans and also followers. However what viewers might not know is that, behind the scenes, there was apparently a the majority of sexual tension between John Travolta and also Olivia Newton-John.

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Olivia Newton-John, man Travolta and also the remainder of the actors from ‘Grease’ | Paramount/Getty Images

‘Grease’ is a fan-favorite teenager love story

A musical romantic comedy, Grease complies with the lives and loves of a team of students at the fictional Rydell High School.

It mainly focuses on Danny Zuko (John Travolta) and Sandra Dee “Sandy” Olsson (Olivia Newton-John), who met and also fell in love over the summer however fall out during the institution year. However there are additionally plenty of various other couples such together Kenickie and also Rizzo (Jeff Conaway and also Stockard Channing), and also Frenchy and also Doody (Didi Conn and also Barry Pearl).

Grease exit in 1978 come widespread critical and advertisement acclaim, garnering positive reviews indigenous critics and also ultimately earning end $150 million globally against an $8 million budget plan (via box Office Mojo). Even over 40 year later, it continues to be a fan-favorite because that its love stories, doo-wops, and, the course, hand jives.

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There was sexual tension in between John Travolta and also Olivia Newton-John on-set

This revelation come in December 2019, when Travolta and Olivia Newton-John to be participating in a Q&A session. About the 8:00 mark, they were asked whether over there was ever before sexual stress and anxiety on-set between them, illustration a candid “yes” from Travolta.

“I think you witnessed that in ‘You’re the One That ns Want,"” the continued, express the romantic ballad Sandy and Danny performed in ~ the finish of Grease. “There’s practically resolve that tension ideal there.”

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But man Travolta and Olivia Newton-John never ever actually dated

Even despite Newton-John likewise admits to emotion tension and also chemistry with Travolta, she said in a 2018 episode of the No Filter podcast the the time was never right for them to take points to the following level.

“We were both with other people when us were filming and I think, respectfully, it simply didn’t happen,” she claimed (via Radar Online).

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But also though she and also Travolta weren’t able to go after a relationship, she stated she believes your attraction come one one more helped make their performances so great.

“I think the was good because i think it preserved the stress there and also the chemistry. It could have to be a genuine disaster had actually we chose to day or we had actually a falling out or something. So i think it to be just too that it didn’t happen. Yet we’re still an excellent friends,” she continued.

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