On July 28, 2017, Sen. Man McCain (R-Ariz.) cast a poll on the floor that the Senate against repealing the Affordable care Act's separation, personal, instance mandate. (Peter Stevenson/The Washington Post)
“Reforming Medicaid, one of the most damaged forms of wellness care, by block giving it come the states, letting the says actually be innovative and coming up with much better ways to operation health care for lower revenue people. … That saved $800 billion. That failed by one poll in the Senate.”

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— Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), House bulk whip, in one interview through Maria Bartiromo, Fox service News, Nov. 13, 2018

“We had actually it done, however unfortunately, somebody made decision to vote versus that at the critical moment, even though they campaigned because that years speak they were going to execute it.”

Sen. Man McCain (R-Ariz.) may have passed away in August, yet his late-night thumbs-down vote that in 2017 blocked passage the a slimmed-down repeal the the Affordable care Act continues to it is in an all-purpose excuse because that Republicans.

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We’ve documented in ours database of president Trump’s false and also misleading claims that the president repeatedly claims he was simply one poll away native triumphally killing Barack Obama’s signature achievement. He is made the claim at the very least 30 times.

Similarly, in a wall Street newspaper opinion article, Rep. Jason Lewis (R-Minn.), who was defeated for reelection, do a similar “one-vote” case to argue that McCain’s vote expense the republicans the House.

But we were particularly struck by Scalise’s current statement the block-granting medicaid — part of the repeal invoice — failure by one poll in the Senate. He absolutely impressed Bartiromo, who responded, “Wow.”

As anyone who has actually taken an easy civics knows, the house of Representatives and also the Senate need to pass the very same law prior to it is presented to the president because that his signature. If the two bodies pass different versions of a similar law — together is often the case — negotiators must accomplish to hammer the end an agreement, recognized as a conference report.

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Then, both residences must vote on the last deal. There are countless occasions as soon as a lawmaker might vote for a invoice initially, if just to development it for additional tinkering, yet then vote versus the final conference report.