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A fire board the USS Forrestal ~ a rocket from an F-4 Phanton fight an A-4 Skyhawk killed 134 crew members in July 1967. (AP record photo)


Several websites have actually dredged up erroneous details that a deadly marine accident come smear U.S. Sen. John McCain’s company record after ~ his vote versus a GOP health treatment bill.

Calling McCain "a traitor and disgrace come the American People," an Aug. 6, 2017, write-up on strikes the Arizona Republican for his function in a 1967 fire ~ above the USS Forrestal during the Vietnam War.

Facebook individuals flagged the write-up as being possibly fabricated, as component of the social media site’s initiatives to combat fake news. They likewise highlighted comparable posts top top some other sites.

Appearing after ~ McCain derailed GOP initiatives on July 28 to pass a bill in the Senate repealing the Affordable treatment Act, the write-up blames the then-U.S. Marine pilot because that the blaze.

"McCain train destructive career met an all time low when he to be singlehandedly responsible for starting a fire on USS Forrestal aircraft Carrier," the short article read. "The accident declared the resides of 134 sailors and also left permanently disabled one more 161 who were dismissed from energetic duty."

The essay said McCain "decided to practice a reckless maneuver that day dubbed a wet start," in which a pilot sends out extra fuel come a jet’s thrusters to produce a showy fire on takeoff. The article said that wet begin ignited an nearby plane’s missiles, i beg your pardon fired and also hit "multiple planes filled with explosives all v the carrier’s deck."

(Still much more internet articles have been saying McCain to reduce his plane’s own bombs on the deck, leading to the explosions, or the McCain exit the deck prematurely.)

This charge has actually been leveled versus McCain before, together the event did come up during his 2008 presidential campaign. However official reports and also other accounts don’t assistance the assertion the he was responsible.

Fire plank the Forrestal

McCain to be aboard the Forrestal together a lieutenant command piloting an A-4 Skyhawk because that the U.S. Navy on July 29, 1967, the job of the fire. The Forrestal had recently been resupplied with munitions, consisting of 1,000-pound bombs from the korean War, save on computer on the deck, because contemporary bombs to be in quick supply. McCain’s jet to be parked top top the deck, tail sharp outward before takeoff, as the ship cruised in the Gulf of Tonkin.

McCain didn’t "wet start" his jet, yet rather an F-4 Phantom about 100 feet away at the opposite end of the deck accidentally fired a rocket since of an electrical surge.

The details vary depending on the account, however the rocket hit one of two people McCain’s plane or the plane of other Skyhawk pilot Lt. Cdr. Fred White.

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Our friends at discovered that McCain’s own statements instantly after the disaster confirmed him admitting his memory of the event was muddled.